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LUCER release new single:

After 18 months of heavy touring across Europe, the release of debut album “Bring Me Good News” and several hit singles on the radio, and in particular the station myROCK, the young Copenhagen based trio is now starring in the country National TV commercial for Royal Beer, along with several of their Target/Mighty Music label-mates like Franklin Zoo.

The single is a radio-remix of “Midnight Sun” by Bassman titled “Midnight Sun (Yeah Yeah)”, and is out now on most platforms.

Check out the commercial here:

On top of the band being in the commercial, the actual soundtrack is the song ”Midnight Sun” from the debut album ”Bring Me Good News”, that was released in 2016 on Mighty Music and entered as an impressive 24st on the Danish album chart.

LUCER is currently preparing to record new material and are playing shows in Denmark, Norway and the UK.

Electric Guitars release single and new unique video:

New single from Danish hard rock act Electric Guitars feat Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes and Mike Tramp guitar player and producer) and Mika Vandborg (Loveshop, Gnags guitar player)

Electric Guitars has released their second video and single, with the song “False Flag Operation” from their third studio album “Rock’n’roll Radio” (2017).  The album is receiving great reviews all around the world and is manifesting Electric Guitars as an important Danish rock act to keep an eye on. The song “False Flag Operation” is a classic rock tradition song  that makes you think of beers, parties,  women, using every chance to be a drama queen and get attention. – That’s what the song “False Flag Operation” is all about.

The band made a video using just a single GoPro. This gives the listener or watcher a chance to be inside Electric Guitars while they play. Check out the unique video here:

Electric Guitars is touring this summer with gigs in Denmark and Norway – Please enjoy the music and stay tuned for more music from this band.

Damn Freaks – featuring Tygers Of Pan Tang singer

First single and music video from the band with Tygers Of Pan Tang singer Jack Meile in front.

Jack Meile talks about the collaboration:
“‘Break The Chains’ was one of the first song I listened to form the album and it reminded me of the early ’80 US metal. I was, and still am, a huge fan of Dokken and Van Halen and I was definitely inspired by that when doing the vocals for this track”. I like songs based on a strong riff”– adds Marco, the guitar player – “songs like ‘Ain’t Talking About Love’… it’s pure energy, it’s like a steaming train rolling at full speed on the trails… for me that’s what  a hard rock song should be all about!”.

A musician has a constant need of writing songs; and songs like to choose their authors carefully. That’s exactly what happened with the 9 songs in DAMN FREAKS debut album. Rising from the ashes of a previous band called FOOLS’ MOON, drummer and producer Matteo Panichi had started working on some ideas guitarist Marco Torri had sent him. “Good ol’ party time rock’n’roll” that’s the record the pair wanted to record. And who better than their long time friend Iacopo “Jack” Meille – singer from Tygers Of Pan Tang – could help them writing the most catchy choruses you could ever dreamed to hear in 2017?

““We all wanted to capture the vibe that we loved way back in the ’80 when we were listening all day to White Lion, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Dokken and David Lee Roth”” – reckons Iacopo – ““It seems like people have completely forgot that music can also be the soundtrack of your happiest and laid back moments!””

Songs such as ‘Dream Highway’ or the powerful ‘Break The Chains’ need to be listened at maximum volume when driving in your car while stuck in everyday traffic, to make you feel the positive vibe of R’n’R.

“We all wanted to write songs that could stand next to our favourite songs of the ’80” – it’s Marco speaking – “’Poison Apple’ next to ‘Knucklebones’ from David Lee Roth or ‘Burning Up’ next to Van Halen’s ‘Panama’ and now you can do it by building your own compilation on Spotify and have a blast!””

The 9 tracks of their debut album were recorded in their home town Florence in Tuscany and mixed by Harry Hess from Harem Scarem fame.

Matteo has high confidence in the project: ““In a way we consider ourselves the freaks of the third millennium, as we still want to try to have a good time and music is the perfect and 100% legal drug” – “ so Yeah, we are freaks, we are DAMN FREAKS and we will help you having a good time!””

Based in Denmark, Jakob shoots portraits, conceptual photography, bands and rock concerts. Having played lead guitar in several bands, he combines his love for music, with his passion for photography.