The Moods Live From Review, Media City, Manchester

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On a balmy rare Manchester, summer evening in June; a host of local music press were invited to the official press premiere of “Joy”; a mini film showcasing the release of “Joy” from The Moods.

FOTF went along to have a nosey and enjoy some posh nibbles in a plush Media City viewing studio!

“The Moods” are about to embark on a U.K. tour to support the forthcoming release (Late summer) of their first full album “Missing Peace”.

Having been an established creative unit for a number of years, writing and performing within the locality of their home city of Manchester, The Moods have set their sites on expanding their dedicated and switched on fan base. And it’s not something I think will pose much of an issue.

A band who fuse together ethereal beats from Hip Hop/Reggae/Dance and E.D.M whilst throwing in complex orchestration to include Brass and strings, it’s hard to neatly pop their sound into any one set genre. They not only “think outside the box”, they simply seem to have no box in which to be constrained.

The lyrics are hard hitting and reflective of a disillusioned but hopeful working-class whose feet are firmly on the street.

The intelligence and complexity of the band aren’t initially obvious with the band’s street, grass route image.

But scratch the surface and what you find is without a doubt music to make you dance and think.

“Joy” for me is much more commercially viable than any of their historic tracks. And I don’t mean that in a detrimental way, I’m not comparing them to the sugar sweet empty offerings of mainstream chart music.

Simply put this track has the potential to expand their reach far further from the insular Manchester music scene, where they enjoy an underground success and are one of the cities musical hidden gems. Those that know, know.

The video to accompany the single offers an emotive backstory that speaks volumes of The Moods prevailing social conscience.

“JOY” definitely carries weight and is a welcome relief from the tsunami of continued “Indie” type bands and copycat rifts. Giving a soaring vocal is John Horrocks who has recently been installed in permanent residence along with no particular president or pecking order; Mark Cunny, vocal and MC’S Kolega and “X”.

Be under no illusion that live performance is where this band really excel. You get swept away in the relentless energy and natural passion delivered with technical ease and accomplishment. A band that is simply begging to be let loose on much bigger festival stages, where I have no doubt of their ability to whip the crowd up into a suitable frenzy.

This single release, for me, marks what is potentially a very exciting time for The Moods and next Friday, I will be putting on my box fresh and enjoying what I feel, is going to be a rare opportunity to enjoy the full specter of this 9 piece band in a more intimate setting.

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A self-confessed live music addict, Wendy is actively involved within the Manchester music scene. Whether that be curating events and gigs to hosting an emerging talent podcast. More recently Wendy has begun a regular creative networking event to encourage emerging talent and renew energy with established artists. Also known to be partial to pies and a good pint.

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