NEW MUSIC: From Royal Blood’s ‘How did we get so dark?’

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After a highly successful, award winning debut album back in 2014, (which resulted in them playing Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds…

…T in the Park and Radio 1’s big weekend and Download) and possibly the best start to a career they could have asked for, supporting acts like Arctic Monkeys, and Foo Fighters, and being given the thumbs up by both Dave Grohl and Jimmy Page, Brighton boys, Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher, otherwise known as Royal Blood, are back with their new album ‘How did we get so dark?’.

The album itself comes out on June 16th, but fans have already been given a taste of what’s to come in their new album, with the release of 3 singles, ‘Lights Out’, ‘Hook, Line and Sinker’ and ‘I Only Lie When I love You’. These 3 songs are equally great, however, my favourite is ‘Hook, Line and Sinker’.

From Kerr’s powerful opening bass riff and Jack White like vocals (accompanied by harmonies on his bass), to Thatcher’s talented drumming throughout the song, this song shows off the creativity and talent of this rock duo perfectly, and, much to the fans happiness, they’ve stayed true to their roots, and are still as great as they were back in 2014, when their debut album, and sellout tour took off, and now that their second album is selling out fast as well, I don’t think even they would have imagined it would be like this when they started out back in Brighton in 2013, and their ever growing fan base just doesn’t seem to be showing signs of fading away any time soon.

After that strong opening riff, the song takes a step back for the verse, but still has that classic, octave ridden bass sound that has become so familiar with the band, and then peaks again as the chorus comes in for the first time. The bass and vocals harmonise perfectly for ‘say my name again’, as the drums thump on either side of the vocal line, leading to one of Thatcher’s distinct fills.

Around the 1:40 mark is when the song kicks off in true Royal Blood fashion, as it’s when we get the first hint of a solo, one before the second chorus, and one after the second chorus, once the first verse is repeated a lower volume, building up to the proper solo, with the bass screeching as the octave pedal pushes them high notes, and the drums thundering until the vocals come back in, when the bass takes a step back, for the final verse, playing sustained notes, leading to one last solo before the song comes to a crashing halt.

For the younger generation of musicians who hope to be a big band one of these days, Royal Blood are perfect idols for youngsters to look up to, as they started from the bottom, struggling to get gigs in their hometown, just playing open mic nights whenever they could, to then being signed by Warner/Chappell Music, releasing a highly successful debut album, and accompanying it with a tour, playing to thousands upon thousands of people, to then probably do the same again with this new album.

With an upcoming arena tour in November, which will take them to Manchester, Birmingham, Reading and Leeds just to name a few places, if it’s anything like 2014, Royal Blood have a busy year ahead of them, but it will more than likely be a year they will never forget.

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