NEW MUSIC: Starsailor ‘Listen To Your Heart’

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Starsailor have just unleashed an energetic new song, Listen To Your Heart, from their forthcoming fifth album, fusing the familiar string-laden harmonies with gritty guitars and the unmistakable, gorgeous vocals of James Walsh.

It’s been an agonising eight long years since their last studio album (not including their 2015 Greatest Hits release), meaning that it was absolutely paramount for the band to come back with a song that would hit home. The real heart and soul of the song, and Starsailor’s music in general, transcends in the voice of front man James Walsh, who has described the new track as an energetic, emotional song. I think in doing what we do, you have to be emotion and instinct lead.”

This is the sound of a band re-energised, who’ve been around for an impressive seventeen years now, having outlasted many of their contemporaries, and have no right to be able to pull off such wonderfully catchy material – yet, to me, this comes as no surprise. Starsailor have constantly produced huge anthemic, heart-felt music from day one, and Listen To Your Heart proves they’re still as ambitious as ever. The world is once again ready for this band.

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