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While the band CHILDRENN is fresh on the scene, each of its four members have a wealth of experience from other high-profile Danish acts. Collectively, these acts include Psyched Up Janis, The Raveonettes, The Good The Bad, SPEKTR, Sort Sol, Mechanical Bird, Kloster, Hymns From Nineveh and Baby Woodrose

If you’re familiar with Danish rock, you know the CHILDRENN line-up is like a dream come true. The strength of their initial live shows and their highly praised debut album “Animale” from 2016, has only confirmed that they will meet all expectations!

The forthcoming album “International Exit” is produced by one of experimental rock/metal’s most acclaimed producers Randall Dunn (Earth, SunnO))), Wolves In The Throne Room, Marissa Nadler, Six Organs Of Admittance, etc.), and is due for release in October 2017.
The first single “Royal Fever” was released on May 5th 2017, and is accompanied by a dark, mystical video created by Palle Demant. David Lynch meets True Detective meets There Will Be Blood….
Childrenn explains about ”Royal Fever”:

“Royal Fever has somewhat of Sisyphean theme to it. The song is about a feeling of being stuck and witnessing things coming back to you in new disguises no matter how hard you fight them. As if time runs in circles and everything returns until you find a way to deal with it and break the circle. The song was one of the first we wrote for our forthcoming album and probably the first Childrenn song that contains an actual chorus.”

Flick Of The Finger review:

This is typical CHILDRENN. There’s a kind of circus-like strange-for-the-sake-of-being-strange vibe going on. CHILDRENN is one of the only bands who can get away with this though, and seeing them live is an experience where you go through stages – either you love them from the first note, or you start out by thinking: “This is too out-there…”, but then again can’t really leave, because your mind goes through all available feelings and thoughts, and you just can’t let them go, while you get drawn into their psychedelic dimension. A late night with some wine is your entry into the world of CHILDRENN. 

We rate:
4.0 rating

Rolling Stone Magazine legend David Fricke recently saw Childrenn perform at Spot Festival in Denmark, and had Childrenn among his top 5 picks of the festival.

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