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Blue Nation To Release Their Monstrously Infectious 3rd Single

The Birmingham-based three-piece are about to unleash their third single ‘Gimme Some Time’ and it completes a great trilogy of singles. It was always going to be interesting to hear what the band would come up with after their previous two singles, which were both beastly, melodic anthems. If the sounds of ‘Gimme Some Time’ are anything to go by then their forthcoming début album is one to be excited… Keep Reading

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NEW MUSIC: Blue Nation ‘Rich Girl’

Back in September when reviewing Blue Nation’s previous single, the stomping rock anthem ‘Good Times’, I said that one could only hope that it was just beginning of good times for the band. So, how does this follow-up fare? ‘Rich Girl’ is another slice of anthemic rock of astronomical proportions from the Birmingham trio, with a dark grittiness running through the track’s DNA. The beefy track is bursting at the… Keep Reading

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Blue Nation Unleash Stomping Rock Anthem ‘Good Times’

Birmingham-based Blue Nation’s new single, ‘Good Times’, is taken from their forthcoming album, which is due sometime before next September. While hardly a complex song, it’s a gripping, thumping and powerful track, embracing the vibes of some of their influences, from Led Zeppelin to the slightly heavier work of The Beatles. The vocal melody is extremely tuneful and Neil Murdoch’s impressive voice has an astonishingly commercial quality to it as… Keep Reading

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