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When COPENHELL Freezes Over 2019

Full program revealed for 2019 winter metal event SUNLESS DAWN, (0), COLD NIGHT FOR ALLIGATORS, XENOBLIGHT, TAINTED LADY and ALKYMIST delivers the hard sound page to an evil winter evening in hell when COPENHELL’s annual musical showcase “When COPENHELL Freezes Over” yet again takes over VEGA in Copenhagen in collaboration with MXD. “When COPENHELL Freezes Over” has become a regular must-go event, for everyone who wants to experience what is… Keep Reading

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Graveyard, Copenhell 2018

A time machine just landed on the old shipyard Copenhell and out came 4 Swedish guys, looking like something taken from the late 60´s They really sound and look like they just stepped out of a time machine. The hippie styling and the mustaches were fancy. But is it good enough for the metal packed Copenhell 2018? Or will it just be a misplaced kick in the balls? The authenticity… Keep Reading

Copenhell 2018
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Ghost, Copenhell 2018

The Scandinavian dark lord Cardinal Copia, held service and closed down the main stage on Saturday at this years Copenhell, with a gem infested pope and a saxophone solo that killed. What else can you expect? You might be thinking what the hell is going on here?… but this is kinda what you can expect from a band like Ghost. Masked, unnamed “Ghouls” playing instruments in a theatrical setup, musically… Keep Reading

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Danko Jones, Copenhell 2018

Pandæmonium stage, Friday 22. June: I had never heard of Canadian Danko Jones, until during Ozzy Osbourne’s show earlier that night, where a friend said, “Danko Jones are three guys playing red-hot rock’n’roll with a punker-fuck-you-attitude. No frills, just seductive energy. You HAVE to go see them!” And so I did, and my friend was right. He was SO right! The Canadian trio is a weird ensemble, with nothing but… Keep Reading

Copenhell 2018 reviews
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Deftones, Copenhell 2018

Eight years has gone since Deftones ravaged the first ever Copenhell, now it was time for another round. Deftones are well known for an experimental approach to metal, well composed songs and high intensity shows. The expectations were sky high, and as expected Deftones delivered an overwhelming and breath taking performance leaving the crowd wanting more. The band played an intense full 90 minutes show with only a few song… Keep Reading

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Tremonti, Copenhell 2018

Third Time’s a Charm – but hard to fit in >Hades stage, 3.00pm, Friday : Mark Tremonti may be known for many things, including Creed and Alter Bridge, but the guitarist proved that he can certainly hold his own when it comes to performing. Too bad it felt kinda….weird. Okay – this guy has more Copenhell visits in the bag than me, this year playing for the third time – in 2016… Keep Reading

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Crossfaith, Copenhell 2018

The lovechild of genres and exploding busses! Pandæmonium stage, Friday 22. June: On their way from the Magazine Generali festival in Italy, it didn’t look good for the Japanese powerhouse. One of their tourbusses almost exploded, and they were stuck somewhere in Europe. As they finally reached the ferry from Germany to Denmark on their way to Copenhagen, drummer Tatsuya Amano was denied access into Denmark, and had to be… Keep Reading

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Arch Enemy, Copenhell 2018

The Brutality That Came To Us Hades stage, Thursday 21. June: What…just…happened? The Swedish brutality exploded on the old B&W ship yard, as Alissa White-Gluz and her gutsy growling vocals ripped Copenhell a new one. As Motörhead’s “Ace Of Spades” blasted through the speakers, the band came on stage, gripped their instruments, and just started playing. As in, igniting a nuclear weapon. A careful and short selection of tracks, from… Keep Reading

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ALICE IN CHAINS, Copenhell 2018

The grateful band > Helviti stage, Friday 22. June: The Seattle monster that is Alice In Chains rocked the 9th. Copenhell edition, for the second time since 2013 With a previous Copenhell show in the bag deemed back then as simply astounding, Friday this year was full of expectations. Not least from me, as I grew up with listening to grunge and punk, and bands like Alice In Chains has… Keep Reading

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Interview with Daniel Oliver from Nothing More

Jakob had a chat with Daniel Oliver from Nothing More, about stuff like Led Zeppelin, inspirations, touring, fruits and motorcycle crashes! Backstage at the Copenhell 2018 all-metal festival in Copenhagen, Denmark, a few hours after an extremely successful show at the Pandæmonium stage: Keep Reading

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DEFECTO, Copenhell 2018

Defecto is a band that is everywhere. When they’re not supporting Metallica or Rammstein, they’re touring through Europe and Japan. Now they played the Copenhell metal festival for the second time Hades stage, 23 June: They are also a band that people seem to fail to understand. Personally, I fell into the last category until a year ago, when I started to really listen to the deeper subset of details,… Keep Reading

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Album review: Defecto “Nemesis”

Act two: The Masterpiece Label: Prime Collective Release: December 1. 2017 Defecto is one of those bands that can do it all. They have the talent – like, in extreme amounts of talent – they have the vocals, the whole package. With “Nemesis”, the Copenhagen quartet has surpassed even their 2016 release “Excluded”, with a range so wide that it’s hard to comprehend. With Nemesis’ first track “Final Night Of… Keep Reading

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Myrkur, Copenhell 2017

The Beauty & The Darkness PANDÆMONIUM STAGE, 24. JUNE: Myrkur rose from the dark northern woods into the pits of hell on the Pandæmonium stage in Copenhell. Amalie Bruun, Danish lead singer of Myrkur may look like a delicate and fragile flower but don’t be fooled, looks can be deceiving. She has been hated and loved by audience and reviewers from the very beginning of Myrkur. Especially the primarily male… Keep Reading

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Slayer, Copenhell 2017

SLAAAAYYYYER!!!! HELVÍTI STAGE, 24. June: No need to say more…The mighty thrash kings are back in hell. Headliners Slayer closed down hell on the Helvíti stage at Copenhell. They have been around since you can remember, though the members look older, after 30 years and still counting, they are still in the game. They never seem to slow down and that is part of what defines them as a band.… Keep Reading

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Lost Society, Copenhell 2017

Thrashing at its finest. PANDÆMONIUM STAGE, 24. JULY: The heavy metal super heroes from Finland Lost Society delivered som serious old school thrashing on the Pandæmonium scene at Copenhell. When you think of Finland, the first thing coming to mind might drinking and cold weather, now Finland can write Thrash metal on the resumé. It has been a busy couple of years for the quartet from Finland, who has managed… Keep Reading

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The Dillinger Escape Plan, Copenhell 2017

An epic goodbye to an epic audience Hades stage, 23. June: Dillinger Escape Plan Returned to Denmark one last time after an extensive European and American tour. The band brought major havoc to Copenhell in 2010, now they are back at shit island in Copenhagen to bring Mathcore into the mix. The last time the band visited Pumpehuset in Copenhagen, we all thourght it was over, done and goodbye. So… Keep Reading

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Europe, Helvíti stage, Copenhell

Not The Final Countdown The Swedish legends proved that they are far from dead, and gave a blast of a show: Europe is probably known in most people’s minds as “The Final Countdown” guys. This afternoon they made sure that fact disappeared as quick as the rain, as they kicked off their massive show on the biggest stage. They were all over the stage, guitarist John Norum hid a bit… Keep Reading

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Architects, Pandemonium stage, Copenhell

Extreme Measures Architects, the UK five-piece, had chaotic conditions during their show at Copenhell last night, but this didn’t kill it: As the show started very late, 12.15am, and the rain was pouring down at this point, you’d think the crowd would be scarce. But no – “Nihilist” came on for starters, followed by “Deathwish” and “These Colours Don’t Run”, and frontman Sam Carter screamed: “If this is a metal… Keep Reading

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Prophets Of Rage, Helviti stage, Copenhell

Protesting & Revolution without the “hell yeah”. They say the weakest link is what makes the difference. Prophets Of Rage is, by many, called the leftovers from Rage Against The Machine. This evening they proved 90% otherwise. Entering the biggest stage on the festival, Helviti saw a visit from Prophets Of Rage, the ensemble of legends from Rage Against The Machine, coupled with Chuck D. and DJ Lord from Public… Keep Reading

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Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Copenhell 2017

110% energy from the Hertforshire quintet! Copenhell 2017 started out for our Denmark team, with nothing less than 200 mph with Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes on the Pandemonium stage: Right from the get-go, Carter and his team made the smallest stage explode with energy. The audience was engaged from the first second to the last, and with their devilish punk-rock, they had the stuffed crowd in their hands. Carter’s… Keep Reading

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