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Rock USA returned to Ford Festival Park bringing an unforgettable experience to the massive showing of festival-goers. Not without it’s ups and downs due to the weather, the weekend was still a major success. Day 1.  Thursday (btw…starting a festival on a Thursday….brilliant!  We get a day to recover from all the weekend activities before heading back to work on Monday)   I arrived around 5:30 and was happy to… Keep Reading

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Chicago Open Air 2019, Seat Geek Stadium – 18-19.05.2019

Chicago Open Air lit up Seat Geek Stadium! Saturday morning I woke up with excitement for a weekend that I had been anxiously awaiting for months. I know Chicago Open Air had received a lot of grief about initial ticket pricing and such, but once I saw the names System of a Down and Tool next to each other I put all of that negativity behind me. That anticipation grew… Keep Reading

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