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Live: Saytr Play at Manchester Gorilla

This band really do get better with every performance There’s not much better in life than packing into a venue, with an incredible atmosphere and listening to an even more incredible band. This is what it’s like when you watch Saytr Play. The fans never let the band down, and the band never lets the fans down. After two unbelievable support acts, the fans eagerly waited for Saytr Play to… Keep Reading

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The Blinders Live at Gorilla, Manchester

A bunch of wild Blinders fans in a small venue made for an epic night After completing their debut headline tour, The Blinders revisited Manchester for those who missed out  At 6.30 sharp, the doors to Gorilla swung open, and the crowd began to slowly pile into the venue, and by the time the support act, Afghan Sand Gang, came on stage, the venue was ready to burst. After ASG’s… Keep Reading

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LIVE REVIEW: Monster Magnet, Gorilla, Manchester

It was 23 degrees on the streets of Manchester this evening, but inside Gorilla it feels like 123 degrees as the venue is packed to the rafters for American rock band Monster Magnet. Originally hailing from New Jersey Monster Magnet have been around in various forms since 1989 when they were formed by Dave Waldorf and, since then the band have had varying amounts of success with both singles and… Keep Reading

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Kiefer Sutherland, Gorilla, Manchester

Kiefer Sutherland landed in Manchester, polished cowboy boot first, to deliver the live tour of his debut album; “Down in a hole”. Often when an actor makes the switch from screen to the platform of music it can generate a sense of suspicion and scorn. Will they be any good? Is this endeavour simply based on ego or self-indulgence? Are they “cashing” in? I have to confess I was full… Keep Reading

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The Vryll Society & Hidden Charms, Gorilla, Manchester

“Why am I doing this to myself?”, I mutter, as I crawl along the M56 willing my car to not run out of petrol before I hit Stockport Big Tesco. Today has been a busy day and I find myself in a maelstrom of stress trying to get home to pick my daughter up and head to a gig. As I “mature” I tend not to get my knickers in… Keep Reading

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The Winachi Tribe Live at Gorilla, Manchester

The Winachi Family Gathering: Things have been good for The Winachi Tribe so far this year. With sell out shows in Scotland, a double header with the Sugar Hill Gang, plus a recent trip to La La Land for a video shoot to accompany a new single out  later this year, its been non stop.  20/08/16: Tonight’s gig is at Gorilla in Manchester. Its a great venue and it has… Keep Reading

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EXCLUSIVE: Shakey Graves, Gorilla

If the sign of a great band is that its whole is greater than the sum of its sonic parts, then how the hell Alejandro Rose-Garcia managed to raise such a ruckus at Gorilla recently is beyond me. Review by Matt Eastham Going by the joke Indian Guide name of Shakey Graves, this one man folk/blues/Americana juggernaut is something of a cult hero in his native Texas where the mayor… Keep Reading

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