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Kiefer Sutherland, Gorilla, Manchester

Kiefer Sutherland landed in Manchester, polished cowboy boot first, to deliver the live tour of his debut album; “Down in a hole”. Often when an actor makes the switch from screen to the platform of music it can generate a sense of suspicion and scorn. Will they be any good? Is this endeavour simply based on ego or self-indulgence? Are they “cashing” in? I have to confess I was full… Keep Reading


The Vryll Society & Hidden Charms, Gorilla, Manchester

“Why am I doing this to myself?”, I mutter, as I crawl along the M56 willing my car to not run out of petrol before I hit Stockport Big Tesco. Today has been a busy day and I find myself in a maelstrom of stress trying to get home to pick my daughter up and head to a gig. As I “mature” I tend not to get my knickers in… Keep Reading


The Winachi Tribe Live at Gorilla, Manchester

The Winachi Family Gathering: Things have been good for The Winachi Tribe so far this year. With sell out shows in Scotland, a double header with the Sugar Hill Gang, plus a recent trip to La La Land for a video shoot to accompany a new single out  later this year, its been non stop.  20/08/16: Tonight’s gig is at Gorilla in Manchester. Its a great venue and it has… Keep Reading


EXCLUSIVE: Shakey Graves, Gorilla

If the sign of a great band is that its whole is greater than the sum of its sonic parts, then how the hell Alejandro Rose-Garcia managed to raise such a ruckus at Gorilla recently is beyond me. Review by Matt Eastham Going by the joke Indian Guide name of Shakey Graves, this one man folk/blues/Americana juggernaut is something of a cult hero in his native Texas where the mayor… Keep Reading

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