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ALBUM REVIW: James ‘Living In Extraordinary Times’

One of the founding fathers of the Manchester scene are back again with a new album. And they still mean business. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, James are sitting down next to you once again with their new studio album, Living In Extraordinary Times. And there is seemingly no let up in their incredible music making. Album opener is Hank, a heavy electronic sound, with lead singer, Tim Booth, giving a… Keep Reading

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Deltasonic Record Releases

From its years as a joint venture with Sony, to its recent emergence as a maverick genius, Liverpool’s Deltasonic Records, with a roster of some of the best new bands around has become one of the most important independent labels in the UK. Already boasting the likes of The Coral, The Zutons and The Vryll Society the label constantly strives to bring new talent to the fore and its two… Keep Reading

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EXCLUSIVE: Factory Release New Single ‘Violet Lips’ Listen Here…..

A masterpiece by Factory Factory have gone back to their roots with new song ‘Violet Lips’. The song is a mix of Stone Roses, and heavy rock, and the two styles have really came together well in this new single. This single really highlights why they have previously been referred to as ‘Merseyside’s most promising act’, because they have knocked it out of the park with this single. A hypnotic,… Keep Reading

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LISTEN: Palace Motion Release Debut Self Titled EP

Debut EP from Northern Four-piece Palace Motion Indie four piece Palace Motion have kicked off their career in great style with their self titled, debut EP ‘Palace Motion’. After a couple of years building a fan base in Clitheroe and Manchester, they decided it was time they got an EP under their belts, and they have done so in great style. Kicking thing off on their EP with ‘Dog House’, a… Keep Reading

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MUSIC REVIEW: Foo Fighters ‘Run’

Since the dawn of the millennium, no band has managed to maintain constant success and longevity like Foo Fighters have. Unlike many of their contemporaries, most of whom either faded into the back pages and footnotes of rock history, or tragically died in their prime, Foo Fighters’ success never seemed fade. Formed in the ashes of Dave Grohl’s Nirvana career, Foo Fighters are arguably modern rock’s most famous act, after… Keep Reading

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Muse ‘Dig Down’

As bands get older, they often morph and change their sound, and few bands have done this more than Muse. Muse first burst onto the rock scene in late 90’s, with the release of their early EP’s, and subsequently their first album, ‘Origin of Symmetry’. Despite having a constantly evolving and morphing sound, which arguably has alienated most casual listeners from their later releases, their hardcore following remains loyal, and… Keep Reading

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Rise Against, House of Vans, Chicago

Rise Against plays intimate show to home crowd! Rise Against took stage for an epic and emotionally charged night of energetic punk rock. Rise Against took the stage after a brief introduction from local radio personality Lauren O’neil from Q101.  They started their set off with high energy playing ‘Give it all’ from their 2004 album Siren Song of the Counter-Culture.  The band continued to play fan favorites one after another… Keep Reading

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Me and That Man Unveil New Video & Debut Album

ME AND THAT MAN, the side project put together by Nergal of Behemoth and British/Polish musician, John Porter, have today unveiled a new video for ‘Ain’t Much Loving’, taken from their forthcoming debut album, ‘Songs of Love And Death’. The collection is set for release on 24th March via Cooking Vinyl. ME AND THAT MAN also play their first UK show at London’s Jazz Cafe on Sunday 26th March.  Tickets… Keep Reading

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ALBUM REVIEW: Peter Doherty ‘Hamburg Demonstrations’

Worth the wait: Peter Doherty returns with his new release “Hamburg Demonstrations” Some things are worth waiting for, and this certainly rings true for Peter Doherty’s new album, his first solo release since 2009’s Grace/Wasteland. First announced on September 27th, the new album was recorded, mixed and produced by Johann Scheerer at Clouds Hill Recordings in Hamburg, Germany. In light of Doherty’s tumultuous past, his fans have by no means had an… Keep Reading

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NEW MUSIC: Liines ‘Disappear / Be Here’

What is better than a good single? Two good singles, of course, thanks to post-punk band LIINES. The Manchester-based female band are releasing their new double A-side, ‘Disappear’ / ‘Be Here’, which follows hot on the heels of previously well-received track ‘Never There’. Focusing on the first offering, ‘Disappear’, it’s clear to understand why this trio are drowning in waves of praise. Zoe McVeigh’s vocals are crystal-clear and sharp, which… Keep Reading

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MUSIC REVIEW: Kings of Leon ‘Waste A Moment’

Is guitar-based music about to be given a booster injection by the Tennessee-based rockers? The Kings of Leon return with their new single ‘Waste A Moment’, which is taken from their highly-anticipated upcoming album, which is due out in October. There was once a time when new music from the American rockers meant something, but unfortunately, this song is evidence of how to waste a moment – three minutes of… Keep Reading

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Savannah Release New Single ‘Jodie’

‘We are the mods! We are the mods!’ This may be a chant from the film Quadropehnia…. …but it would feel right at home sung at a live performance by Savannah, whose new single, ‘Jodie’, is a pumped-up, hands-in-the-air, pure rock ‘n’ roller, just waiting for the mod chant to follow in its wake. The opening guitar riff boasts the grittiness of Nirvana, before settling into a tight swaggering indie-rock… Keep Reading

Dodgy Are You The One
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Dodgy ‘Are You The One’

Everybody has a soft spot for Dodgy. You may fondly remember them as the guys who had a smash hit in the late ’90’s called Good Enough, which sadly, is where the memories of them will no doubt end. Four years on, after reuniting more than a decade ago in 2012, the band are once again back with a brand new single, Are You The One, which is lifted from… Keep Reading

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EXCLUSIVE: Adam Ant, York Barbican

Tonight I had several flashbacks to school discos with the punks, rockers, skaboys and new romantics all dutifully dressed up in their tribal costumes, and at some point during those nights ‘Antmusic’ would be played and we’d all kind of enjoy it, even though it wouldn’t be publicly admitted in some of those groups. We all had a copy of the ‘Kings of the Wild Frontier’ album – whether we… Keep Reading

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Kula Shaker Live at Wilton’s Music Hall, London

Wilton’s Music Hall stands proud as one of the oldest remaining music halls in Europe, dating back to the 1850’s and born in the slightly seedier east end of London. The venues history is apparent everywhere you look, in the ancient floorboards, walls, fading decorative paintwork and several metal barley twist columns that still hold up the balcony to this day. It has survived fire, the blitz by the Nazis… Keep Reading

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New Music: Band of Skulls, By Default

As a reviewer, I usually get the dross, the new bands, the stuff no one else wants. This time however I get one of my favourite bands of the last five years. I love a band that aren’t afraid to mix it up while wearing their influences on their sleeves, it keeps life interesting, while never taking you too far out of your comfort zone. For me, Band of Skulls(BOS)… Keep Reading

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