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AFI Announce New EP With The Release of New Track

AFI Announce New EP With The Release of New Track We have had to take the weekend to digest last week’s wave of new releases. Some were those hoped for, unexpected track that on arrival gave our emotions quite the sucker punch. One of the most anticipated releases came from or favourite providers of post hardcore, emo, and alternative punk rock; AFI (A Fire Inside). The Californian band have been… Keep Reading

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New Music – Greta Van Fleet ‘Anthem Of The Peaceful Army’

Greta Van Fleet bring classic rock back to life with debut album A blend of powerful vocals, bluesy guitar, driving bass and tight drums results in one truly great debut album It’s not been long since modern rockers, Greta Van Fleet began to make a name for themselves, but their following is already huge, and the release of this debut album shows how well they are doing. The album comes… Keep Reading

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New Album Release – Echo & The Bunnymen – The Stars, The Ocean & The Moon

Echo & The Bunnymen with further proof that they never stop For an amazing 40 years, Echo & The Bunnymen have proved pivotal to the British rock music scene. The trials and tribulations of this band have been well documented, but they remain as important as ever. And to justify that, the band release their new album, The Stars, The Ocean & The Moon. And it’s an album that covers that… Keep Reading

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Liars – Murdrum

A return to form from Liars, and that’s the truth….. Since the year 2000, American/Australian rocksters, Liars, have been treating us to no less than 8 studio albums in that time. And now, a new album, Titles With The Word Fountain,  is on the release threshold. So a single has been released to give you a taste of things to come, and that single is called Murdrum. A very simple mix of… Keep Reading

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New Single Release – Chris Liebing – Card House

Welcome to the Card House, Chris Liebing is waiting there for you…….. From the moment Kraftwerk blew the music world apart with their now iconic technological take on musical sound, it has needed someone with an equally sound musical footing to follow. And now, the path takes a new direction, courtesy of German born techno master, Chris Liebing, and his new, and extremely cool single, Card House. And it’s a song which… Keep Reading

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New Album Release – Interpol – Marauder

Be a marauder with Interpol and their new album….. From the humble beginnings of their debut at the Luna Lounge in New York, Interpol have certainly come a long way since their formation in 1997. 4 band members have since become 3, but that hasn’t stopped them releasing top drawer music. And Interpol continue that trend with the release of their sixth studio album, Marauder. So…what’s it like? First number on the… Keep Reading

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New Album Release – Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood “With Animals’

Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood take us on a trip to blues rock psychedelia….. When someone describes you as their “all time favourite artist”, it’s high praise indeed. That’s what former Screaming Trees singer and Queens Of The Stone Age cohort, Mark Lanegan, said of English blues rock master, Duke Garwood. And now they join together once again for the brand new album, With Animals. Save Me is the first track on… Keep Reading

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New Album Release – Alice In Chains – Rainier Fog

The evolution of Alice In Chains continues……. In the last 20+ years, it’s been fair to say that Alice In Chains have been through some trials and tribulations. The loss of founding member and bassist, Mike Starr, and that of iconic lead singer, Layne Staley, plus the great expectations of putting the band back together with a different vocalist, would make many bands throw in the towel. Not Alice In… Keep Reading

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INTERVIEW: Feed The Kid – They’re Back!!!

Strange Times……Feed The Kid talk about the modern times Every decade has seen many a band give the public a message on the issues going on in the world. And Feed The Kid raise the of modern times, and their view on it all, with the new single, Strange Times. A Kasabian-esque hit on the musical senses, this song gets to the point without looking for the necessary controversy that some… Keep Reading

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New Single Release – Gazelle Twin – Hobby Horse

Get on this hobby horse with Gazelle Twin….. If you haven’t come across Gazelle Twin before, please allow me to introduce you to her. Hailing from Brighton, Gazelle Twin, or to give her the name she is known as to family and friends, Elizabeth Bernholz, has been around for quite a while now. Since 2009 in fact. So here in 2018, Gazelle Twin brings the video for her new single, Hobby… Keep Reading

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Miles Kane – Coup De Grace

Scouse rock is back, and Miles Kane is back with a Coup De Grace…. If he isn’t collaborating with Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, Miles Kane is back doing the usual day job with the release of his third solo outing, Coup De Grace.But after the success of his last album, Don’t Forget Who You Are, how does the new album measure up? Well, let’s see…. The opening song on the album… Keep Reading

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New Release – A Certain Ratio ‘You Dirty Boy’

One of the early Manchester music pioneers are back…….and just as groovy A Certain Ratio have certainly stood the test of time, and various musical changes. Their consistency is once again evident with the release of their new single, You Dirty Boy. Their first release since 2008, the band – consisting of Jez Kerr, Donald Johnson, Martin Moscrop, Denise Johnson, Tony Quigley and Matt Steele – this is a song that’s… Keep Reading

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New Album – Shadowparty from Shadowparty

The supergroup. Something that people thought was a bygone word. Until now….. Tom Chapman. Phil Cunningham. Josh Hager. Jeff Friedl. Fans of New Order and Devo will instantly recognise these names. For they have joined together to make ShadowParty, and they are treating us with the release of their new eponymous album. And all you music listeners and lovers are in for a treat. First track is ‘Celebrate’, and features the… Keep Reading

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Metric – Dressed To Suppress

Need some new rock music to listen to? Get your ears around this kind of Metric system…. Yup, Toronto formed rocksters, Metric, are here with their new single, Dressed To Suppress. Following the release of the first single, ‘Dark Saturday’, this is the second cut from their as yet untitled forthcoming album. And it’s a beaut of a song. The band – singer, Emily Haines – guitarist, James Shaw – bassist, Joshua… Keep Reading

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Cold Water Swimmers Release Double Debut Tracks

Difficult times can produce great music, as evidenced over the years by an array of brilliant politically-inspired songs, providing a much needed voice for the defiant, disheartened and forgotten. Given the economic and social climate we find ourselves in once more, it’s no surprise perhaps that Cold Water Swimmers have a few choice words of their own. When a whole country pretty much agrees  that Danny Dyer talks more political sense… Keep Reading

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Children of the State Debut EP: Kill Your Darlings

Don’t Kill Uncle,  Kill Your Darlings Instead! Choosing a band name is a big responsibility. Firstly it’s got to be something original yet memorable (you got to give King Gizard & The Lizard Wizard their dues there). Secondly, it’s a burning question often asked in interviews so having an interesting anecdote to impress upon someone is always a smart move. Thankfully Children of the State know the score; their moniker… Keep Reading

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‘Let it Burn’ Amazing New Single from GOAT

The experimental fusion group from Sweden are on fire once again When I tell you ‘Let it Burn’ is full of tribal drums, banshee like vocals and melodic flutes, you will be forgiven for conjuring up images of Jools Holland Show ensembles that always seem to provide the perfect moment to get up and refill your drink. Hang on…please put that empty glass down. Let me first set you a scene: 1970s Scottish… Keep Reading

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New Music – Johnny Marr & Maxine Peake – The Priest

  Johnny Marr releases new song ahead of album release, A synth story. Johnny Marr has released the first song off of his upcoming album, The song features actress Maxine Peake, who tells the story of a homeless girl living life in Manchester The story is backed by numerous synths and Johnny’s famous guitar tone reaps throughout the song, and although Marr’s guitar is used less than other instruments and quiet… Keep Reading

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The Dunwells Announce 2018 Live Dates & New EP

The Dunwells have announced some live dates for 2018. The announcement follows the news of a brand new EP. Released on December 1st 2017, ‘Colour My Mind’ is a brand new collection of songs, showcasing a new sound for the band. From concept to record, this EP has been 24 months in the making. Brothers Joe (vocals, guitar) and David Dunwell (vocal, piano, guitar) decided that they wanted to capture… Keep Reading

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Rock Candy Funk Party Announce New Album ‘The Groove Cubed’

Rock Candy Funk Party delivers a lavish soundscape that incorporates a plethora of genres, from dance and electronica, to rock funk and jazz and everything in between. The band is gearing up to release their brand new album The Groove Cubed this fall following their last studio album released back in 2015, Groove Is King. The Groove Cubed which is set for release on October 20, 2017, was recorded at… Keep Reading

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