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Strawberry Slaughterhouse

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Single review: Supercharger “Rottenburg” (Gain/Sony)

A swingin’ round of Sin City themed hard rock If there’s a hell, then Avatar and Supercharger will definitely be playing there all the time. Here’s a fresh single from Danish quintet SUPERCHARGER With three albums behind them, Copenhagen five-piece SUPERCHARGER knows how to write songs. Their high pace theatrical style seeps through all their songs, and there’s a clear New Orleans type of subliminally tone underneath it all. Now… Keep Reading

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Strawberry Slaughterhouse, High Voltage

Strawberry Slaughterhouse came out in the mid-90’s, when the grunge wave was at its highest. Cobain had just passed away, and Denmark saw the dawn of iconic bands like Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Psyked Up Janis, and Strawberry Slaughterhouse. The Straws debuted with their 1994 album “Teenage Torturechamber” followed up by the 1997 release “Suck – And The Art of Surviving Suburbia” and because of how times were back then, everyone… Keep Reading

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