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One of the most successful progressive-rock bands in history, Yes combined virtuosic musicianship, suitelike neoclassical structures, and three-part high vocal harmonies to form an elaborate whole that most critics called irrelevant highflown indulgence – and that audiences loved. After undergoing Byzantine personnel changes, they updated their sound in the mid-1980s and enjoyed greater commercial success than ever. Yes was former after Jon Anderson met Chris Squire at a London music-industry… Keep Reading


Yes, Atlanta Symphony Hall, Atlanta, Georgia

From the summer of 1968 until present time the English rock band Yes has amazed music lovers of all ages with their symphonic rock sounds. Delivering a progressive rock masterpiece is still a walk in the park for the band and they show no signs of that changing anytime soon.   In the lobby of the Symphony Hall fans lined up at wine tables giddy with excitement. They exchanged stories… Keep Reading


YES, Manchester 02 Apollo

The determination and drive to keep performing their dynamic and captivating music is something Yes excel at. There’s something amazing to be said for a a band who’s career spans nearly five decades and can still perform such complicated arrangements. With members that have come and gone, it seems to have only aided in creating an incomparable metamorphosis of their musical sound. It has earned them a lot of hype… Keep Reading


Interview: Yes Keyboardist Geoff Downes

There is a real buzz of excitement around the widely anticipated UK and European tour that Yes are about to embark on. After all, the Grammy award-winning progressive rock band have been wowing their fans for forty-eight years and are about to head out and perform two of their most iconic albums in their entirety; the highly acclaimed album Fragile and for the first time ever Drama. Having sold tens… Keep Reading


Seminal prog pioneers YES has announced an extensive UK and European tour!

Seminal prog pioneers YES has announced an extensive UK and European tour for April 2016. The band will be performing 1971’s ‘Fragile’ and 1980’s ‘Drama’ in their entirety, the latter for the very first time, plus other seminal tracks including ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’ and ‘Starship Trooper’. ‘Most of the songs haven’t been performed in some 30 years’ – said Steve Howe. ‘Fragile and Drama mark two essential chapters… Keep Reading

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