Welcome To Flick Of The Finger

Born out of mosh-pits by dirty rock ‘n’ rollers!

Flick of the Finger was born in Manchester 4th March 2016 initially as an online publication however we expanded very quickly through Europe and America. Since launching as an online publication, Flick of the Finger Media Ltd now operates in a number of areas including band management, live events including Trashed TV, band press & promotion and Flick of the Finger Records which was launched in 2017. A debut compilation was released titled ‘Soundcheck’ which included some of the UK’s most exciting bands including The Slow Readers Club, The Blinders, The Boston Shakers, The LaFontaines + many more.

Flick of the Finger live shows launched in 2018 followed by Trashed TV in 2019. It’s our on going mission to promote and represent the best in emerging talent as well as covering the Rock ‘n’ Roll superstars we all know and love!

Big Love

Flick of the Finger