FOTF recently had the pleasure of spending the day in the studio with Leeds band ‘The Calls’ as they recorded their new track ‘It Doesn’t Feel Right‘.

Here’s what they had to say on all things past, present and future. 

When did it all start and When did you get together?
Tom: Err, Jan 2015, Me and Marcel have been playing for a long time in a band called The Imports, we were pretty shit haha! But yeah, we then found JD and started rehearsing in Jan 2015 and here we are now.

Cool, what have you been up to since then?
Tom: We put out a single/double a side which we recorded at Hilltown Studios in Colne with Keiron Melling from the Fall and then in December 2015 we were in the studio again with Mickey Dale from Embrace. After that we did a little tour around Easter time 2016 and been gigging and writing new stuff so yeah – pretty busy

I can hear a lot of influences in your music from bands like Clash, Arctic Monkeys etc, when your writing songs do you bare those types of bands in mind?
Tom It’s not so much as we write with intent to sound like other bands but bits always come though – as a whole it all comes together and takes shape on its own.
JD Sometimes its also just a tip of the hat to some bands that inspire us too
Marcell Definitely people in the know will just… (winks and nods)

Where do you think, you need improve as a band?
Marcell I think we’re always improving as a band and there are areas we’re constantly trying to improve, especially in live performances.

Any bands out there you’d like to play live with?
Tom We don’t really think out it like that, we like to concentrate on our own stage really.
JD It would be cool to play with some bigger bands with larger audiences for sure.
Tom I guess just anyone that’s really good. Obviously, you need to fit in well with the sound and complement each other. But having the opportunity to play with those kinds of audiences would be cool.

So today we have done ‘Doesn’t Fell Right‘ today, have you done anything like this before what have you taken from it?
Tom I think It’s been great. Yeah really enjoyed it
JD It’s been a lot slicker than I thought it would be. Which is nice, we’ve done a hell of a lot in one day which is impressive. No messing about
Marcell Its felt like a lot less stress that I expected –everything is on time, and not doing it without a click was great too
Tom Also for me, working with someone like Chris who is able to look at what suits us as a band is great too. Like Marcell just, we tried working with the click and Chris came to the conclusion that we sounded more natural without it. It made the whole track feel more natural. With Chris working at such a high level we learnt so much today.

You have enough material for an album?
Tom Yeah, loads. so much actually, probably two or three albums worth

What’s the plan with that? If any of its half as good as what you’ve done today, it would be a shame for it to sit in your head or on paper?
Tom The newer stuff we have, at the moment its not at the level it needs to be for recording. We’ve had some of it in our set for 18 months but when you release stuff you want to make an impact. And, it needs that impact to be great and make a difference.

So, it’s all about the life shows and tours?
Tom Sure, people need to get out of their houses these days and experience something real

If someone was coming to see you for the first time what would they expect?
Marcell Well, energy, we always put a great show. We’re very tight as a band now too.
Tom F***ing great songs really! End off!