Leeds based trio Brooders ended their highly successful 2017 with the release last month of a new single, Amnesia.

The single pre-empted an exciting 2018 ahead with several major announcements to be made shortly.

Having gigged almost constantly for two years, perfecting their often truly venomous sound, Brooders take a fresh approach to the ‘90s traditions of angry, emotive grunge, updating it with monumental melodies, spine tingling hooks and breakdowns. The band finish the year with a one-off show in December as follows

Tue    12             LEEDS            Hyde Park Book Club

… This Leeds-based Psyche-Grunge trio hit hard with the awesome power of Thrill Killer, showcasing their sound at its most furious whilst mixing melody and mayhem in equal measure. The potential of this band is huge …” XYZ MAGAZINE

… Brooders’ self-titled mini debut is only 25 minutes long but its six tracks pack such a powerful punch with snarling feedback, blitzkrieg drumming and Cobain-esque anguished screams; for now, Brooders are making the right kind of noise …” BIG ISSUE MAGAZINE


We caught up with the guys recently and put our five in five questions to them:


1: What has been your biggest f*ck up onstage? Where was it; what song was it; how was it received?

I think this picture speaks for itself somewhat. But I think the most interesting fuck up came at Sound City Festival in 2016. I was off stage in the crowd and I threw my guitar onto the stage, Speare [the other Adam] did the opposite and launched his bass off stage down a three foot drop onto concrete. It was received rather well, though, and thankfully it was just at the end of the set during the final song Melancholy. A bit of anarchy to end the show is always exciting though.

2: You’re changing the band’s name to your favourite fruit + the reason you last took painkillers; your new band name is …?

Mango hangover.

I’m slightly undecided on the fruit and the last time I took painkillers too, so an alternative is:

Strawberry Man Flu.  

3: How can we collectively put an end to online ticket touting? Feel free to show your workings for extra points …

Mitchell and Webb do all the workings for us really:


In terms of touting, though, we’ve never personally experienced issues, but my God we’ve been at the receiving end for gigs we’d have loved to attend. Festivals like Glastonbury hit the nail on the head, though, with their ticketing. Photo evidence and a clear name of the holder is the way forward for larger events. For smaller gigs, though, if any touts want to buy all our tickets … be our guest! 

4: What would your music Super Power be; and which other bands would you use it on and why?

Being able to choose exactly when and how aggressively guitar strings break is a pretty good power. I’d stand and watch The Sherlocks play and have their instruments fall apart before their very eyes. We’re not bitter, were just not fans.  

5: Your idol is going to give you the instrument that they’re famous for:

                  Who is it? Hendrix

                  What instrument? Guitar [white Strat please]

                  Why? Because Woodstock, of course …