Glasgow’s Catholic Action have unveiled another taste of their forthcoming album In Memory Of with the slick, low-slung anthem ‘Black & White’.

A calculated and precise slow-burner, ‘Black & White’ inverts the raw and unpredictable sound showcased on previous single ‘Propaganda’. 

We caught up with Chris McCrory for our Five in Five – this is how it went down…

1, What’s the most and least Rock n’ Roll thing you’ve done this week?

I flew straight from our show in Paris to produce the new EP from SPINN in Liverpool… I’m back in Glasgow now though, and I spent the last few hours perfecting my recipe for Pasta e Fagioli – it’s my favourite Italian soup. You can decide which is which.

2, John Lennon, Liam Gallagher, Kurt Cobain;
A,who would you go to a gig with and what gig would it be? (past or present)

I’d love to go and see The Meat Puppets with Kurt Cobain. I’ve been listening to their album “II” constantly lately, plus I know he was a huge fan – he covered half of it on the Unplugged record. Brilliantly melted music.

B,Who would take for a beer and what would you ask them?

John Lennon. I’d ask him if Paul is really dead – I mean, his shoes are off on the cover of Abbey Road. That seems conclusive. Maybe that’s a waste of a question though?

C,Who would let punch you in the face and why?

Liam Gallagher. He’d throw a good punch and the PR would be priceless. Whenever I’m releasing a new record, I could just start another twitter war with him. As you were.

3, Which song or album do you wish you had wrote?

Big Star’s self-titled debut album is a dream. It probably has the best love song of all time, “Thirteen”. I love it so much, I have a fridge magnet of the cover.

4, When did you realize you had made it as a musician and what were you doing that made you think… “F**k yeah! Made it!”?

I think the curse of the musician is that you’ll never really think that you’ve made it. I’ve had plenty of “Fuck Yeah” moments though. Waking up in LA or Berlin and realising you’re only there because of those ‘dumb’ songs you wrote in your bedroom is always pretty cool.

5, If you could, what would you change to bring more live music to the masses?

The government and local councils should support live music a lot more. A lot of venues have to really battle and I’ve heard so many stories of idiots moving into flats above venues in full knowledge of their existence, then immediately lodging complaints. What did they expect? Plus, there are a lot of subsidised venues and a real culture of appreciating live music on the continent that’s completely missing here. UK audiences should get over themselves in general. People take it for granted here and there’s no respect. I’ve had so many gigs ruined here (as an audience member) by folks just chatting or staring at their phones. If you want to chat or tweet constantly, you should have stayed at home – or at least the bar.

Catholic Action are set to take their album out on tour this November alongside Nottingham upstarts Kagoule, including a show at London’s 100 Club on 2nd November. Full list of tour dates below.

In Memory Of is the sound of a band in total control of their sound. Combining a youthful energy with the innate pop songwriting prowess of Chris McCrory, the album shines with a rarely seen confidence. Despite having nods toward guitar pop from the past and present, the album has its gaze truly fixed in the future.

Pre-order In Memory Of here

Up Coming Dates: Tickets

1st Nov Oxford, The Cellar w/ Kagoule
2nd Nov London, The 100 Club w/ Kagoule
3rd Nov Nottingham, The Bodega Club w/ Kagoule
4th Nov Bristol, The Louisiana w/ Kagoule
6th Nov Edinburgh, Sneaky Pete’s w/ Kagoule
7th Nov Glasgow, Broadcast w/ Kagoule
8th Nov Leeds, Headrow House w/ Kagoule
9th Nov Brighton, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar w/ Kagoule
10th Nov Birmingham, The Actress & Bishop w/ Kagoule
11th Nov Manchester, Soup Kitchen w/ Kagoule