Loux are an electronic three-piece band from Leeds, whose music blends an energetic and carefully subtle array of effects-laden guitars, minimal yet warm drum rhythms and hypnotic vocals.

They release their debut single, “Meet Me Halfway”, on 10 November 2017 and play a launch show at the 360 Club on the day of the release.

What has been your biggest f*ck up onstage? Where was it; what song was it; how was it received? We haven’t made many in Loux so far. We did play a wedding a while ago, though, and we were halfway through a cover of Stacey’s Mum, and Chris the guitarist accidentally changed the key of the entire song in the chorus. It was completely horrendous and we’ve never played the song since.

You’re changing the band’s name to your favourite fruit + the reason you last took painkillers; your new band name is …? Raspberry Flu.

How can we collectively put an end to online ticket touting? Feel free to show your workings for extra points …? Ban resale of tickets for higher than face value on all online retailers. Also ban resale of tickets, unless they’re through the official website – Glastonbury style.

What would your music Super Power be; and which other bands would you use it on and why? I reckon it would be great to turn the drums down. Every little DIY gig you go too, the drums are always properly loud, and sometimes it would be nice to hear the other stuff. I’d also like the ability to stop anyone playing John Mayer songs ever. I’d use this on everyone, including John Mayer.

Your idol is going to give you the instrument that they’re famous for:

Who is it? Elton John
What instrument? Grand Piano
Why? Because Elton John is fucking perfect and I’d love a big piano

Loux played their first live show in July this year. Their second show, which took place the very next day, was at the Blue Dot Festival at Jodrell Bank, where they shared a bill with the likes of Alt-J, Orbital, Pixies, Leftfield and Warpaint. Quite an achievement.

“We’re really pleased with the response we’ve had so far,” says guitarist Chris. “It was an absolute pleasure to play at Blue Dot to such a big crowd and see so many people as passionate about our music as we are. We just can’t wait to do more.”

With so much achieved in so little time, passionate support from BBC Introducing, a growing live reputation, and several observers speaking of the band in the same breath as Alt-J, it may not be long before they experience such big crowds again.