Following-up on their rabidly received debut AA single – ‘Midnight Oil / Drunk No More’, Shaking Chains release latest single ‘Into Dust’.

The latest track arrives as the Mancunian post-punk four piece prepare to perform at Night & Day Cafe as part of their 26th Birthday celebrations this November.

Shaking Chains borrow their name from ‘The Masque of Anarchy’, a poem written when Shelley was in exile, to portray his disgust with the Peterloo Massacre and the encroaching parochialism of the England in which he fled (‘Shake your chains to earth like dew, which in sleep had fallen on you. Ye are many – they are few’).

More Chartists than chart hits, they are a four piece produced in The North long after production halted, currently treading water under the dark streets of London (having played music together, in one form or another, since they were at school).

The band tale part in our Five in Five and release their new single ‘Into Dust’ ahead of their headline show at Night & Day, Manchester

What has been your biggest fuck up on stage? Where was it, what song was it how was it received by fans? I stopped caring about fucking up on stage as it’s too ingrained. Whether it’s getting too drunk or chatting bollocks between songs, it’s gonna end up happening. There was a time in my last group when, inexplicably, our manager at the time, decided to post on Facebook that Johnny Marr would be joining us on stage. I think it was intended to be a joke but what happened next was far funnier. It was the night before a festival gig that Marr was also playing and, by morning, we’d all received a tonne of e-mails and texts. I think Johnny Marr even waded in saying he’d never heard of us. Regardless, it was too late. The word had obviously spread fast as the crowd we got was far larger than the one we should have had. To get around it, we were gonna introduce my mates mum on stage ‘Ladies and gentlemen…Johnny’s Ma!’….but we bottled it and people were just left a bit pissed off and confused.

You’re changing the band’s name to your favourite fruit + the reason you last took pain killers. Your new band name is… ? Strawberry Suicidal Comedown 

How can we collectively put an end to online ticket touting? Feel free to show your working out for extra points… It’s difficult when the Culture Secretary has been quoted as saying touts embody the ‘Great British’ entrepreneurial spirit and act lawfully etc. Although it’s obvious, voting out the Tories would be a start. Next, you have all the big promoters who have been clocked selling tickets straight to secondary sites which they have shares in and whatnot. Bands need to have the confidence to go it alone if necessary and cut out the greedy middle man. I imagine that’d be difficult but they at least need to threaten the withdrawal of their labour if any reform is gonna take place. Bands Tories x DIY tours = Fairer pricing Middle men

What would your Music Super Power be and what other band would you use it on and why? To have the ability to de-autotune vocals. I’d use it on everyone but T-Pain because he was one of the originators wasn’t he? I’m sure he’d never dreamed of the damage that it’d end up doing – a bit like Oppenheimer with the Atom Bomb.

Your idols gonna give you the instrument that their famous for:

  1. Who is it? 
  2. What Instrument? 
  3. Why?

Harpo Marx’s harp. He’s just letting me borrow it whilst he goes to the bar. The bar is called Heaven.

In an age where groups live and die in the time it takes them to amass a student loan debt, they have stayed together, like a dysfunctional family – chained – through mutual misunderstanding, begrudging love and harrowing shared experience.

They’ve seen the changing musical landscape gorge on itself and spew out pale imitations, enough times, to inoculate themselves from hype and ceremony. Instead, they’ve concentrated on their neurotic craft and sullen art.