Back with the first show from their original line-up Voice Of The Beehive promise to bring their sorely-missed wit, wisdom and general wonderfulness back to the stage.

Returning with their first show from the original line-up, Voice Of The Beehive promise to bring their sorely-missed wit, wisdom and general wonderfulness back to the stage at Indie Daze 4, in October. Expect all the songs you want and a few surprises too!

October 7th 2017 @ Kentish Town Forum

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We recently caught up with Tracy for our FOTF Five in Five and this is how it went down…

1, What’s the most and least Rock n’ Roll thing you’ve done this week?
Easy. Most rock and roll thing was walking around last night in a pink satin nightie and and my patent leather pink Doc Martens that need to be broken in for the upcoming London shows. Least rock and roll thing was leading a bunch of 3 and 4 year-olds in a rousing chorus of Wheels on the Bus.

2, John Lennon, Liam Gallagher, Kurt Cobain;
A, who would you go to a gig with and what gig would it be? (past or present)
I’d go to a gig with Kurt Cobain, maybe Rufus Wainwright singing Judy Garland songs.

B, who would take for a beer and what would you ask them?
I’d take Liam Gallagher for a beer and ask him why, after being given one of the greatest songs of all time to sing ( ‘Wonderwall’ by his brother,Noel) he acts like such an ungrateful prick.

C, who would let punch you in the face and why?
I’d let John Lennon punch me in the face because he was a peaceful bloak and wouldn’t do it.

3, Which song or album do you wish you had wrote?
I wish that I had written Dear God by XTC. I believe in God but it is such an eloquent and thought provoking song that it I never fail to be amazed at the mind of Andy Partridge. Or Life on Mars By Bowie because the music is so sad and moving.

4, When did you realize you had made it as a musician? What were you doing that made you think… “F**k yeah! Made it!”?
The time I realized that our band was making some kind of impact was when I was in bed early one morning at our flat on Allerton Road and I heard the milkman whistling Don’t Call Me Baby. Pretty surreal.

5, If you could, what would you change to bring more live music to the masses?
I’d reunite with my old band Voice of the Beehive to do some London gigs to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Teehee.