Today we had a chat with UK band Into The Unknown for our Five in Five and here how it went…

What has been your biggest [email protected] up on stage? Where was it, what song was it how was it received by fans? We’ve been lucky enough not to have a big [email protected] up on stage yet, at least not one that is worth mentioning … so as a tangential answer, I can recall a time when I made a major cock up at a show when I was a sound engineer on tour. I was working with Vixen, and for some reason their US agent booked them into a large pub in the Midlands that wasn’t known for gigs (then again on this same tour, the agent asked me if Wales was a town or a city, and also could I arrange a daytrip to Stonehenge when we had a day off in Birmingham as it was ‘just down the road’!). The show was in the days before digital desks, so the support band had used the desk before us and their engineer had ramped up all the reverbs on the toms, something that I don’t do, so I didn’t notice that it hadn’t been reset for me. Therefore when the system was unmuted, the singer got maybe 2 or 3 words out before a huge feedback loop built up. This was then compounded by the fact that, unbeknownst to me, the in house tech had run the entire PA, backline, and lighting rig of the 13 amp mains … and then proceeded to plug the feed for the tour bus into the same extension lead! As you can guess, there was a big pop and we were plunged in darkness and silence … very short gig that night! The fans were not happy but at least we managed to get things back up and running, it took a while to discover why we had the issue as the tech didn’t realize it should be a problem. We went on to have a brilliant show, and the next show is when we recorded their live album, Live in Sweden.

You’re changing the band’s name to your favorite fruit + the reason you last took pain killers. Your new band name is… ? Motley Crue once said that red wine was “one of your 5 a day”, so lets go with that …. And coincidentally that could answer the second part so the new name would be …. Red Wine ….

How can we collectively put an end to online ticket touting? Feel free to show your working out for extra points… Personally I’m not opposed to reselling tickets, so that people have a chance of passing on tickets if for some reason they can’t go, and other people who couldn’t get tickets get a second chance. I do vehemently object to the blatant profiteering that then goes on with the touting. I suggest that touts discovered ripping off the genuine fans should been tied upside down to some large sub bass speakers (will leave the anchor points of the ropes to the individual enforcers (!) and then forced to listen to the Mr Blobby single over and over ….

What would your Music Super Power be and what other band would you use it on and why? I would love to have the superpower to allow aging vocalists to revert to the power and clarity of their original vocals … its such as shame when iconic singers start to lose their ability. For example, a couple of years ago I saw a singer who will remain nameless, but he just wanted to place his hat somewhere and call it home, and it totally broke my heart when I heard him start singing …. Driving home from the show, coincidentally one of his songs came on the radio and the girl I was with thought that I was taking the piss when I explained that it was the same person.

Your idols gonna give you the instrument that their famous for,
Who is it? Gene Simmons
What Instrument? The Axe shaped bass
Why? Because its just a cool bit of kit!