Somewhere among the daydreamers and heartbreakers, beauty queens and jock teens, Trudy and the Romance are looking to lure you into their suitably skewed, cinematic world.

On new single ‘Is There A Place I Can Go’, the trio’s dubbed ‘Mutant 50s Pop’ takes a more contemplative turn. The single is part of their Junkyard Jazz EP, which will be released through B3SCI on November the 17th.

This is how our Five in Five went down with the band….

What has been your biggest [email protected] up on stage? Where was it, what song was it how was it received by fans?
Probably singing really out of tune, which is just really awkward for everybody

You’re changing the band’s name to your favorite fruit + the reason you last took pain killers. Your new band name is… ?
Tangerine Toothache

How can we collectively put an end to online ticket touting? Feel free to show your working out for extra points…
Lew and I were just talking about this and decided that it must be well more complicated than it seems. What if people stopped buying insanely expensive tickets from touts? Surely then touts would stop buying tickets in the first place to re-sell because it’d be a thing that nobody buys them? I dunno. But touting is wank and basically killing off all the big gigs for proper fans. Sad!

What would your Music Super Power be and what other band would you use it on and why?
Hard question this but I think I’d be the Jazzman and be able to make anybody an incredible jazz musician, but I’d only use it on myself hehe

Your idols gonna give you the instrument that their famous for,
Who is it? Chris Martin
What Instrument? Piano
Why? Probably worth a load of money 💰

From character creation to alter-ego exploration, Trudy’s overtly-romanticised, technicolour realm runs deep. Like David Lynch dicing and splicing Walt Disney film reels, Junkyard Jazz EP is a larger-than-life introduction to their saccharine sound, right through to the Grease-style illustrations by LA-based artist Hello Thunderpuss.

Following radio spins by John Kennedy, BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens & Phil Taggart and 6 Music’s Tom Ravenscroft and Steve Lamacq (as Featured Artist Of The Week), recording sessions with Bill Ryder Jones and Spring King’s Tarek Musa ensued. After a year of performing packed-out shows and numerous festivals across UK and France, the trio found their way into the pages of style magazines such as i-D, Wonderland and Nylon, #7 Spotify viral charts with last years floor filler ‘He Sings’. They finished the year as part of DIY’s Class of 2017, NME’s ‘100 for 2017’ and 14th most blogged artist of 2016 on the Hype Machine Zeitgeist end of year list.

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03, SHEFFIELD, Picture House Social
08, BRIGHTON, The Hope And Ruin
09, READING, The Face Bar
10, LEICESTER, The Cookie
14, MANCHESTER, Gullivers
15, LEEDS, The Lending Room
16, BIRMINGHAM, Sunflower Lounge