After the release of their EP, and after a phenomenal launch night, Anhedonia spoke to us about the experience. 

We sat down with singer, Ben Kirton, of Indie Rock band Anhedonia to discuss influences, their new EP, and a few other things to get to know the band better.

So Ben, Anhedonia have recently announced their new EP, ‘Ride It Out’, where did the band get their influences for the album, are their any specific albums that have had an impact on the sound you wanted to achieve?

As a band we all draw from so many different influences, i have a few go to artists with incredible song writing, Elliot Smith, Connor Oberst, Bill Ryder Jones and my personal favourite Ryan Adams. Our Guitarist Chris and bassist Phil take a lot from The Stooges and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club when crafting their sound. When you mix all that up with our drummer Ste’s heavy listening choices the sound that comes out the other side can on be described as a bit different.

For the release of the album, you did an EP Launch, how did it go, and would you use any of the same bands again?

It went 100% better than any of us could of expected, we chose a strange date for the event to take place, between mad Friday and Christmas eve, but this did not stop the people coming out. We reached the capacity at our home town venue and everyone went nuts for it. As for the other bands we had on Charlotte Newman really stood out for us she even got up and played a song with us which was a little bit Special.

I understand it’s still early days, but how has the album been received so far, has it gone down as well as you thought it would?

It’s been fantastic, people singing the songs back at you when you play them really gives you the best feeling ever. We’ve had nothing but positive comments from anyone who has listened, and we are so grateful. We can’t wait to get back in the studio and get something else recorded now. 

 Do you have a favourite song on the EP, and is there a song that if you had the opportunity to change/re-record then you would?

I think as a band, and the public’s choice, the song that goes down a storm is ‘Demon Eyes’, track two of the EP. It’s got everything you need for a foot tapping rock and roll tune. It’s great to play and we all still love listening to it. We had such a good time recording the EP, and worked with the absolute genius that is Mark Jones at MJM, so an opportunity to re-record would be turned down.

If you could have written/featured on one album ever, which album would it be and why?
That’s an incredibly tough question, I think it would have to be something by The Beatles, probably ‘Rubber Soul’. It’s such a defining album and the genius behind it, it would be the most incredible experience to be in the studio with those guys.
Check out the EP here, and be sure to follow the band on Facebook.