Following the beautiful vibes, glorious sun and killer line up of last summer’s LAZY SUNDAY AFTERNOON, the curators – Bradford’s cinematic alt-rock quartet GLASS MOUNTAIN – have upped the ante with another eclectic and exciting line up, including THE GOLDEN AGE OF TV, THE HOWL & THE HUM, DREAM ENGLISH KID, RADIDAS, LELO, TALKBOY and, of course, GLASS MOUNTAIN themselves, with further acts to be announced.

As well as this brilliant array of bands and artists, you can expect SPECIAL GUESTS, vast quantities of home-cooked curry and a little break in the middle of the programme to allow you and your friends to soak up the sun, drink some beer and eat some food while you enjoy a perfect Lazy Sunday Afternoon. Tickets on sale now

We caught up with Glass Mountain for our infamous Five In Five and here’s how it went.

Q1: What has been your biggest f*ck up onstage?
A: There are really too many mishaps and fuck-ups to list! Forgetting to press the right guitar pedal is common, like leaving the tuner pedal on [which mutes the sound]. Let’s say you’re about to make your big sonic impact through a giant PA system and your adrenalin is pumping through your entire body. And then you hit that chord and … nothing, because you left your guitar tuner on! It’s a terrible feeling!

Then there was the gig where our drummer Jonny had accidentally pressed a button on his sampler which changed all the settings which meant that each time he tried to start the next song, the audience were treated to some truly dreadful Roland factory pre-set R&B sample. This went on for a small eternity until we realised what had happened. The audience appreciated the cock up. It shows we’re all human. The band made light of it and carried on, and I think that’s the best way – smile, play it cool and try not to let it throw you off course! It’s rock and roll. Nobody died [just yet].

Q2: You’re changing the band’s name to your favourite fruit + the reason you last took painkillers; your new band name is?
A: Kiwi Hangover

Q3: What’s your favourite 90’s album?
A: Codeine – The White Birch.

Q4: What would your music Super Power be and which other bands would you use it on and why?
A: It would be making bands aware that when they have finished playing their set, there is another band waiting to get up and play right after them. This means that slowly replacing your Boss Pedals in their respective boxes and SLLOOOWWWLLYYY coiling each individual guitar cable and chatting to the audience whilst still being on stage is fucking rude, ignorant and should be punishable by 30 minutes of Ed Sheeran music. So, to answer your question, our music super-power would be a short and light hearted acapella number, composed and performed by us and designed to VERY POLITELY [and in good humour] teach the offending bands some much needed stage etiquette. Once they’ve been taught this invaluable skill, that band then have the super-power themselves which they can [and should] use freely, thereby making the world of live music a much happier place. Amen.

Q5: Jam, Record or Tour: Who would you jam with; who would you record with; and who would you go on tour with and why [past or present]?
A: Jam with Ty Segall.

Why? I think that the fast paced, eclectic genre-hopping approach would be really fascinating [and probably exhausting too]. He’s very prolific and super-broad in his approach; it’s like “anything goes so long as it sounds really good”. I like that. It’s good to get out of your comfort zone sometimes.

A: Record with Bon Iver
Why? His songs appear to be very simple, like beautiful little folk songs but, in the studio, they become something much darker and cleverly layered. They’re highly detailed recordings and I consider his last album ‘22 A Million’ to be a state of the art work of genius.

A: Tour with Anticon hip-hop / indie folk artist called “Why?”
Why? We adore his band and his music. I think it’s vital, if you’re touring with a band, that you look forward to watching them each night. I know they’re a band that like to mix it up and not play the same set in exactly the same way each night, so in that sense it would never get dull watching them. Aside from that, the whole band strike me as being very interesting people, and you can never have too many of those in your life!

Firmly in the cinematic alt-rock category, Bradford quartet Glass Mountain make sky-high and life-affirming guitar music that empowers and devastates in equal measure with a heart-wrenching balance of aggression and delicacy. Their arrangements are complex; their lyrics confessional and poetic; they’re artistic without being inaccessible and they’re one of the most promising and accomplished new acts in recent memory. When you can, GO SEE THIS BAND