He Is We is currently touring the UK for the first time. We caught up with Rachel Taylor, creator of He Is We, for a quick Flick of the Finger Five in Five.


Q1: What has been your biggest f*ck up onstage?  

A: Biggest fuck up? I must have been in Oklahoma…oh it was Alabama! One of those southern states, and I forgot the words to ‘All About Us’ and started singing the man’s part. Went with it, and by the end of the first verse said something like “this song knows no gender and so I can sing the man’s part if I want!” I looked at my guitar player and he sang the girl’s part, so it actually worked out…thank god! I have always made it clear that I will laugh at myself on stage before I pretend I didn’t mess up.

Q2: You’re changing the band’s name to your favourite fruit and the reason you last took painkillers; your new band name is?

A: …The Mango Ovaries! That feels really right, that definitely works.

Q3: What band would you most like to support and why?

A: What band for the ‘Hold My Heart’ EP…The Script. I have such a crush on the lead singer, his voice is just like, godly. That or Panic! At the Disco purely on their new record (Pray for the Wicked).

Q4: What would your music Super Power be and which other bands would you use it on and why?

A: Ooooh my super power! Every time I open my mouth a guitar solo comes out, and I would have to use it on…I’d use it on A Day To Remember. I think that would be pretty sick!

Q5: Jam, Record or Tour! Who would you jam with, who would you record with and who would you tour with?

A: …Out of?

FOTF: Let’s go with…Brendon Urie (Panic! At the Disco), The Script, and Hayley Williams (Paramore), because that’s a pretty common one.

A: I would…tour with Brendon Urie. Then with record with The Script because I just love their style. And then I would…have to jam with Hayley Williams, like you wouldn’t turn down that opportunity. She’s dope.