The Kings Parade release their new single ‘Mother Tongue’, recently which was the latest song to be taken from the London quartet’s new EP Haze.

Speaking of the single The King’s Parade say, “‘Mother Tongue’ is about realising you’re losing touch with where you came from. You haven’t necessarily changed as a person but your ambitions and ideals have.

It’s always difficult to get the balance right between moving forward and sticking to your roots. Ultimately, the person you were will always be within you and it’s important to be aware of that.” FOTF took the opportunity to catch up with the bend for our Five in Five…

Q1: What has been your biggest f*ck up onstage?
A: The biggest one was probably at our EP release the other night! Someone was throwing shapes in the audience and kicked the power supply for the whole PA straight out of the socket. The whole system went down and we had no sound apart from our amps. It was the second song of the set and we had to improvise. I jumped down from stage into the audience and started singing and playing guitar. The whole crowd joined in; it ended up being pretty special!

Q2: You’re changing the band’s name to your favourite fruit + the reason you last took painkillers; your new band name is?
A: Watermelon Man Flu

Q3: What’s your favourite 90’s album?
A: Californication – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Q4: What would your music Super Power be and which other bands would you use it on and why?
A: Our music superpower would be the ability to transport ourselves into one of the other band member’s bodies. You see through their eyes and you gain all of their skills and abilities. Sam says that if you’ve seen ‘Sens8’ you’ll get it! haha. It would definitely be a good one to have used/ use on some epic bands like Queen, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac to name a few.

Q5: Jam, Record or Tour! Who would you jam with, who would you record with and who would you go on tour with and why?
– A: Jam with Alabama Shakes, I would just love to sing with Brittany (Singer), I think we’d really connect vocally and both bands would hit it off!
– A: Record with Jack White, His studio looks so special and I think he’d get an awesome sound out of us.
– A: Tour with Nothing But Thieves, I think it’s important on tour to be able to connect with the other band you’re touring with and I think we would get along with these guys. We love their sound and we hope they’d like ours!