As Piratefest comes to Leeds, the front man Captain Yarrface  of Rumahoy found some time for a chat with Flick Of The Finger Magazine tonight.

Entering backstage there was the Captain sat in his black mask waiting for us.

Interviewer: Hi Captain Yarrface. Thank you so much for sitting down with us, we’re from Flick Of The Finger magazine.

Captain Yarrface: Flick Of The Finger? Does anyone call it Flick Of The Bean? I’m Captain Yarrface ..Welcome To the Sea

FOTF (laughs) No your the first.

CY: Well they should

FOTF So your here in Leeds tonight, have you managed to have a look around?

CY: Oh yes, I’m running for King of Leeds! I have some flyers here, they are printed on pink paper. Just because I wear black all the time doesn’t mean I don’t like the colour pink.

FOTF Oh yes it’s Politics week. Can you explain your manifesto?

CY: There all here on this flyer. The first one is free rum for all students. Everyone needs rum

FOTF Brilliant! Free rum for all! The next one is all exams walk the plank. Why should we get rid of exams?

CY: We don’t need exams. We need rum,  I’m Captain Yarrface ..Welcome To the Sea

FOTF Speaking of rum What’s Captain Yarrfaces favourite rum?

CY: Why it’s Manteo rum of course from the town of Manteo in North Carolina.

FOTF The next one is to turn the union into a ship. Does that mean you’ll be bringing your ship here?

CY: No of course not! I’ll sell the ship to pay for all the rum

FOTF of course! Does that mean you’ll build this building into a ship

CY: No we’re on land. We only need a ship on water.

FOTF Speaking of  your ship where is it now?

CY: Its in London. We sailed across from North Carolina and left it in a port in London. I’m Captain Yarrface ..Welcome To the Sea

FOTF  The new album .. it’s taken a while for you to get it out there despite the fact that you have been going for a while

CY: This is not our first album we’ve had many more hidden across the seas! This is just our first on land

FOTF How did you come to sign with your record label?

CY: Well Napalm asked and Captain Yarrface said yes! I’m Captain Yarrface ..Welcome To the Sea

FOTF Of course! So  listening to the album and we really like it .. how did you go about recording the songs?

CY: Well you see, you grab a guitar and then you grab a bass guitar and then some drums and put them all together. That’s all there is to it.

FOTF What is your favourite song on the album?

CY: The tale of the great pirate Huffman. He is the only pirate greater than Captain Yarrface. I am Captain Yarrface welcome to the seas!

FOTF Pirate metal i making a lot of noise in the rock and metal world …

CY: Noise! Noise! It is not noise!

FOTF No, no not that kind of noise .. I mean it’s getting so popular .. why do you think that is?

CY: Why there’s no better music than pirate metal.

FOTF so finally .. what does Captain Yarrface listen to?

CY: Sea Shanties

FOTF Any in particular?

CY: All of them especially about great pirates. I’m Captain Yarrface ..Welcome To the Sea

FOTF Very good. Well thank you for your time Captain Yarrface

CY: And thank you Flick Of The Bean (finger) magazine. Would you like a hug from Captain Yarrface?

FOTF Of course!

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