Saturday at Reading Festival started with a great set from young Californian band Russo.

The band have been receiving huge support in the US and are about to head on tour with Gomez in the UK, before returning for a UK tour with Black Honey this autumn.

Russo are a refreshing blend of pop and rock, coupled with their sweat-infused, high-energy live performances, critics are quick to compare this California based four-piece to the likes of No Doubt and Blondie. Only formed recently they consist of Cailin Russo, on vocals, Tyler McCarthy on guitar, Hayley Brownell on drums and backing vocals and Sean Ritchie on bass

Playing the BBC Introducing stage they were well received, we caught up with them later for a little chatted posed a few of our favourite questions:


I was going to ask what was the most memorable moment from festivals, but as you said on stage this is you first, and what a festival to start with?

Yea it’s been an amazing experience for us. The UK we’ve found to be very accommodating about our music. It’s great to see people out even in the rain enjoying their music.

What’s the most and the least rock and roll thing you’ve done this week?

About four hour sleep?  Bought a mouthguard in Boots as I grind my teeth in my sleep, I Used one of the sleep pillow things….

Jam, Record or Tour, who would you like to have jammed, recorded or toured with?

I guess it’d have to be Damon Albarn of Gorillaz.

Your Idol is going to give you the instrument they are famous for, what and who is it? 

It’s not an instrument as such but was very taken by Elvis Presley’s outfits when I saw them in a museum recently, does that count?

I think John Paul Jones Bass, that would be great to play

We Discussed How the Festival has changed over the years

It’s great to see people are not narrow minded about their music, although growing up I was into Led Zeppelin and I couldn’t get people who weren’t, but I guess we all change.


This is their latest single: Loudmouth.