Strange Times……Feed The Kid talk about the modern times

Every decade has seen many a band give the public a message on the issues going on in the world. And Feed The Kid raise the of modern times, and their view on it all, with the new single, Strange Times.

A Kasabian-esque hit on the musical senses, this song gets to the point without looking for the necessary controversy that some songs need to make. A lean, mean political song without any melodrama. Its been a while since we had a chat with the FTK lads, so today we paid the a visit…

So man, seems like forever? Where have you been and what have you been up to?  I think the last time we spoke might have been at the 100 club a few years back, or maybe Rec Rock festival, which is mad. But yea, we’ve been in the studio every day from probably end Jan this year. Writing, jamming, demoing, repeat.

How was that? Honestly, hard graft. I don’t mean making music, because you should love to do that, and it should come easy. It’s the dedication to get in everyday and perfect that idea, but we needed to step up a level. It is worth it when you hear the outcome on record, and then when you get to perform it.

How come its taken so long? There was quite a lengthy gap, and this is because Ciaran & I went back to the drawing board. Our mates who we started Feed the Kid with could no longer give the time and dedication a project needs, so then there were two… violins out… Anyway, long story short, while we practicing at ‘MMB’ we eventually built FTK, by adding a few new musicians.

Theres a definite change in your new music, was this a conscious path? Yea it was. It also comes with a change in line up, but I think this double single release will be a good bridge from ‘Feed The Kid’ to ‘FTK’, but essentially everything after this will start delving into different genres; Soul, Blues, Hip Hop. It’s interesting to listen back through each single and hear it evolve.

Where did you record it? At MMB, which is on Newton Street (Manchester). The luxury is that our bassist runs the studio, and is also a producer. This allowed us to be in the studio every day to make/record track after track. There will be a lot of music to come from us as we are sitting on a lot, and obviously still creating.

Whats coming up on the gig front? First gig back is Head for The Hills Festival, and then the single launch in November at Night and Day Manchester. 2019 wills see us come back with a small UK tour, and then hopefully build from there.

Whats coming up on the release front after Strange Times? ‘Strange Times’ will be released with another single called ‘Dirty Jokes’, after that there will be 10 more singles through 2019. Lots to come.

“You in? You out?”, Feed The Kid ask….

We’re in, and so will you be. Excellent stuff indeed

We rate:
5.0 rating