ShadowParty come out of the shadows to talk to Flick Of The Finger.

A combination of members from New Order and Devo, ShadowParty released their self titled album a few weeks ago, to great acclaim.

So Flick Of The Finger thought it was time we had a little bit of a chat with them, and Tom Chapman and Josh Hager duly obliged…..

So, how did the collaboration between yourselves come to light?

Josh Hager – Like some of the best collaborations, this one came when Tom came knocking at the door. An old friend had called me and asked if he could give Tom my number since he moved to the town next to me and was looking to collaborate! We recorded the song ‘The Valley’ that evening.

Is this something you have all wanted to do at some point of your career?

Tom Chapman – I suppose it is something we all wanted to do, but at the same time we were completely unaware of.

(A question posed to both members, starting with Tom first)

How long have you been a fan of Devo?

TC – I was completely unaware of Devo at the time. Hence asking Josh what the funny hat was all about in the studio? When I was introduced to the band’s music, I was blown away.

JH – I have been playing with Devo since the passing of the legendary Bob 2 Casale. Going on four years now. Jeff (Friedl) has been in the band even longer. I was a fan of New Order since the 80s, but didn’t go all that deep into their history until I had met Tom and the rest of the band.

How did you manage to get Nick McCabe (ex guitarist for The Verve) on board?

JH – Nick and I had been in touch through social media before ShadowParty. Once we had some tracks recorded, I asked if he would be interested in collaborating. Thankfully he was!

And Denise Johnson? How did she get involved?

TC – I have known Denise since around 2000, always running into her at gigs and we share mutual friends. She worked on a Bad Lieutenant track – a cover of the Elvis song, ‘In The Ghetto’, and she worked on (New Order’s) Music Complete.

Do you like being referred to as a supergroup?

JH – No, we do not. As a matter of fact, I consider the band an anti supergroup. The whole point of the name etc was not to be in the shadows of our other bands. There was a British magazine that had “supergroup” as the headline and it seems to have stuck. To our dismay!

How much are you looking forward to the upcoming tour?

TC – Very much so! As the album is now out, I can’t wait to play this out in front of an audience!

Who came up with the name ShadowParty?

JH – I did. I thought it was fitting since we were standing in the shadows of giants.

What have the respective members of New Order and Devo made of the album?

JH – Devo has been very supportive of the record. Steve (Morris) and Gillian (Gilbert) from New Order have done a remix for an upcoming ShadowParty EP. New Order have also been extremely supportive! As well as fans of both of the bands.

Has any current music become your favourite music of the moment?

JH – I have been listening to quite a lot of MGMT lately. I sort of missed them the first time they came out and have been spinning ‘Little Dark Age’, which has lead me to ‘Congratulations’, which I think is a masterpiece!

TC – I like a track by a Welsh artist named Gwenno.

And what else can we expect from ShadowParty in the near future?

Both – More tours, a remix EP, more releases and another LP or 10.

ShadowParty begin their tour on September 8th at Festival No 6, and takes in dates in Leeds, Manchester, London, Birmingham  and Exeter. The album is out now on the Mute Records label.