Normandie made their Reading Festival debuting this weekend, performing on The Pit stage at Reading on Sunday

The band have recently announced their sophomore album ‘White Flag’, which will be released on 26th October via Easy Life Records.

After a huge response following the release of their debut album ‘Inguz’, Normandie inked a deal with Easy Life Records earlier this year. Inguz, a Viking rune, symbolised the band’s new direction after the departure of their heavier co-vocalist, where they honed-in on a groundbreaking rock sound and have since seen support from the Radio 1 Rock Show, Kerrang! Radio, Amazing Radio, Rock Sound, Kerrang! TV, Scuzz TV and more.

The band’s live show has blown away crowds throughout the UK and Europe, with several headline runs including a sold out show at London’s Boston Music Room. They also supported Yellowcard on tour and have numerous festival appearances under their belts, including their Download Festival debut in 2017.

Normandie will tour across Europe supporting Crossfaith in September/October, before they return to the UK to tour as main support to Hands Like Houses.

Normandie are Philip Stand on vocals, Lucas Englund on Bass, Håkan Almbladh on Guitar ( a big John Meyer fan!), and Anton Franzon on drums.

We caught up with them for a little chat and I posed a few of our favourite 5 in 5 questions to the band, (a somewhat expanded version) that later became more of a discussion.

Whats the least Rock and Roll thing you’ve done this week?

Pulling my own suitcase across a field at Leeds festival late at night.

Which Song or Album you wished you’d wrote?

Fools and Worthless Liars by Deaf Havana

Whats the Biggest F*** up on stage?

Played one show where we had a continual bass loop in our ear phones, it was as if someone was tuning a bass.

Another show one of the effects rack units jumped about 10 seconds.

Your Idol is going to give you the instrument they are famous for, who is it and what instrument is it? 

John Meyers guitar.

Dave Grohl’s blue Gibson he uses.

It’d have to be the Mic and Mic stand Freddie Mercury used at Wembley!, its very important, it has to be that one.

If you could go for a beer with anyone, who would it be?

David Attenborough, I think.

John Meyer.

Who would you go for a beer with?  Why not Normandie?

Who’s the biggest tight arse in the band and who’s the first to get drunk?

That’s Lucas, he’s always first to get drunk

No one really, but I guess you could say I am when it comes to Snus, it’s not something you get in the UK, but its tobacco that you put on the lips, I’m always borrowing from the other guys, it’s not I can’t afford I’m just always borrowing it.

Jam Record or Tour? Who would you like to Jam, Record or Tour with?

John Meyer!

I reckon Muse, but would they be good fun to tour with? Their fans can be very particular.

Do you have a favourite song to play live, or a song that’s expected of you?

White Flag, our latest single!

It has to be the second song in the set.

Moving on we discussed the concept of recording albums

Philip Generally puts the first Demo’s out, and we work from there

We have our own studio, and we work from there, we don’t do home recordings, they’re not good, you may have a cat squealing in the background for example, so it’s important we work together.

We also work to get good tracks on an album, there’s no point in recording 18, and someone skips 6 just to get the best 12. I guess we’d prefer to have 12 good tracks.

Normandies new album  White Flag is due for release October 26thout on Easy Life Records, its one I’m looking out for, they played a great powerful set that saw much singing, jumping, moshing and even Philip out crowd surfing.