Can’t Swim hit the UK for a run of shows celebrating their most recent release ‘This Too Won’t Pass’.

We were lucky enough to catch up with vocalist Chris LoPorto and bassist Greg McDevitt before their show in Birmingham.


FOTF: How’s Tour Going?

Greg: Tour is super, super fun so far, the show in London last night was probably a highlight for us, probably almost ever. It was one of the most fun shows we’ve ever played.

Chris: Yeah, it was crazy.

Greg: People were going insane, it was sold-out, the biggest show on the tour – aside from Groezrock, but a few more people are probably gunna go to that *laughs*.

So how have you found the fans in Europe and the UK’s reaction to your newest album?

Greg: It’s been really cool! It’s out first time touring the new material over here. We were really lucky to get over here really early in our career, so the fans over here have always made us feel very, very welcome. A lot of people in America think we’re a UK band sometimes, even when I speak to them in an American accent! But it’s been great.

It’s been about six months since ‘This Too Won’t Pass’ was released, how have you felt the general reaction has been?

Chris: Yeah it’s been sick, we’ve been waiting to put it out for a while and even when we play the shows now those songs seem to go over best, especially last night in London.

Greg: It’s probably been our most well received piece of music we’ve put out so far.

Going on from that, how do you feel that this album differs in comparison to Fail You Again or even Death Deserves a Name?

Chris: Yeah, I think we mess with the same elements, but I think we found what people like about our band with the heavier, more aggressive stuff so we try to cater to that a little bit.

Greg: We played to some of our strengths on this one, as we tried to do a little bit of everything on our last record perhaps.

Chris: There’s more vocals too from Greg, Danny, and Chez, they all sing on this one way more. Seems more like Can’t Swim.

Greg: If you can call it singing!

With ‘This Too Won’t Pass’, what sort of energy did you want to bring to the table?

Both: PIT!!

Greg: Fuck someone up!

Chris: *laughs* Yeah we decided we were a band that really depends on live shows, so as funny as it sounds, songs that are gunna be energetic at shows, get the kids going a bit.


Has there been any consistent inspiration throughout the bands history, or is it different inspirations for each album?

Chris: Musically, I think it all comes from the same place, we all reign our influences from the bands we grew up listening and the kind of musicians that we are. Lyrically, for me, I suppose it’s just different events that have happened throughout my life. All of the songs are just different chapters, so I guess the main inspiration lyrically is just shit that has happened to me! But everything is just trying to write honest music and do our own thing and not fall in to any trend, so we wouldn’t drop rap in to it… or maybe we would! Never say never!

Greg: I’m pretty nice – I’ve got bars!

A pretty obvious question – why the name Can’t Swim?

Chris: So, ‘Can’t Swim’ is a pretty true sentence, a true statement – I can’t really swim that good. As a kid, I think it was an insecurity of mine, because I grew up in a beach town and I just never learnt how to or cared to. But to be fair, I just thought it was a cool name! But I actually can’t swim.

Last Question – When you first started Can’t Swim, could you have imagined you’d be where you are now playing shows on the other side of the world?

Chris: Absolutely not. I called Greg on the phone, we just thought we’d practice maybe once or twice.

Greg: We thought we’d play a couple of cool hometown shows and put something out that maybe our friends might like.

Chris: Put it out on the internet for free, but then as soon as we started and we got together it flew and we got a record deal. Our second or third tour was actually over here, it was all very, very fast.

Greg: It’s all been gravy since that tour, I had no expectations because we’re older and had been in bands for a long time, we know how hard it is –  the amount of things you need to do to get anything going in music, I don’t know, it’s very touching.


The lights decided at that moment to leave us in complete darkness, a fitting moment for the end of the interview.

Chris: I guess that’s the queue that we’re done! *laughs*


Can’t Swim’s most recent album ‘This Too Won’t Pass’ is out now via PureNoise Records.