Fans of indie music in the mid 1990’s will remember Hurricane #1.

Songs like Step Into My World and Only The Strongest Will Survive were, and still are, songs that defined the era.

Now, they are back and Flick of the Finger caught up with the band.

Congratulations on the comeback! Can you tell us what you’ve been up, prior to getting the band back together?

Jon Roberts – I was bizarrely in an instrumental sound band called Demon Walkmen (laughs)

Alex Lowe – Obviously me and Chris (Campbell) were still together from the old lineup, so we’ve been writing and waiting for this moment

Stuart Fletcher – I’ve been involved with many bands, still recording and gigging. All good

It’s a new line-up as well, how is it all shaping up with you all?

Alex – The band has never been stronger both musically and as a group. I was starting to feel like I was in The Fall with the line-up changes, but I’m confident we have it now

Chris Campbell – This is our best line-up so far. Everything sounds so tight and we all get on so well away from the instruments. Third time lucky, ha ha!

(Question to Alex only) How does current this line-up compare to the original line-up?

Alex – Far better, far stronger both musically and as musicians. Everyone is on the same page with how we should sound and what we want to achieve. We sound unreal. Exciting times.

You’re going on tour with Embrace soon, how did that come about?

Chris & Alex – It came through Stuart (Robertson), our manager. He pieced together our new line-up, and within 3 days of being a band, we were named as the main support for the Embrace boys.

Jon – We couldn’t believe it. Totally out of nowhere

Lots of 90’s bands are making a comeback, was it only a matter of time before Hurricane #1 returned?

Chris – People don’t always realise we have been back since 2015, becuase our 2016 album, Find What You Love And Kill It, went a bit under the radar as it was only released internationally

Of course, there’s a familiar name to the 90’s followers in Stuart Fletcher. A former Seahorse…….

Stuart – British music needs us and all these other bands for then. We were all the pioneers of the genre.

Jon – Back to show them how it’s done (laughs)

The band are doing some headlining shows too. Will this be a mixture of the new material and the classics?

Alex – Yes definitely. There will be one or two in the Embrace set and a few more thrown into the full set headline shows

And 2 new albums this year, what can we expect from those?

Alex – Far heavier, with far rockier influences. Dirty, melodic rock n roll

Stuart – Our guitars sound bigger

Jon – Yeah, it’s nice to be putting our stamp on the new material

What are the members of Hurricane #1 listening to when it comes to current music out there?

Chris – Crowded House for me, just now…..loved them then and I love them now. Also, a band called Television.

Alex – I love the big guns………real musicians. Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash. Old school, you can’t beat it!

Stuart – I’m really digging Greta Van Fleet at the moment. Ace band, along with Zero 7

Jon – Bob Seger, Pearl Jam……..old school rock

Long term, what are the plans for the band?

Alex – Go as far as we can. Raise the bar and raise the profile. We need to tour extensively

Chris – Yeah, record sales don’t exist anymore. We need to take the music to the people

And finally, what’s your message to the fans?

Alex – Come to the shows, hear the new tunes and the new line-up and enjoy it!

Stuart – Treat yourself to some nice new merch, ha ha!!


Hurricane #1 join Embrace on their upcoming March tour, starting on Tuesday 5th March in Aberdeen. Look out for further tour news right here at Flick Of The Finger.

Photo: © Dave Evans