Continuing the Flick of the Finger mental health awareness week, with another ‘Let’s Talk’ session.

Today we bring things a closer to home and catch up with lead guitarist, Gary Drury of Flick of the Finger band, Our Fold.

As the wheel of life continues to spin, some people have been at the top and some people have been at the bottom, whilst either trying to create that ‘new normal’ way of living, simultaneously juggling business’s or adapting to a new way of family life.

If we’ve learnt anything from this, it’s that taking goes a long way! Today we talk to Gary in our next Let’s Talk session and here’s what he had to say.

What new things have you learnt since self-isolating and of these, what will you continue to do, when the lockdown is lifted?
I think Lockdown has taught me to live without certain material things that are not deemed as a necessity and to appreciate what I already have (socially and materialistically). Although I have not been in the best of health myself over the lockdown period I have made time to rest which is a rare commodity for me. Sleep is Essential to being productive and burnout is imminent without it. In short I have learned that the cliche ‘Work, Life, Balance’ isn’t a load of Bol#*x.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen or done since lockdown?
One of the funniest (as in odd funny) things I have seen during lockdown is the new found love for self isolating… OUTSIDE IN GROUPS during the 1 hour of exercise period. I have never seen so many people get it wrong on mass. I think people have cottoned on now though and are being sensible. There are various extremes in trends relating to PPE which have been funny. I saw a chap with elastic bands holding a tissue to his face giving him the appearance of a ‘League of Gentleman’ character and another chap had back combed his hipster beard over his mouth. I reckon there was more chance of him suffering some form of hipster related beard wax oesophageal trauma (BWOT) than contracting Corona. You heard it here first folks BWOT is now a thing .

How has self-isolating effected your mental health?
It’s doing my nut in! Money problems, risk of losing business, socially bereft and I’m nearing 40 with no plan and getting new (age related) problems and to top it off my shaver is broken. It looks like I’m going to breaking out the beard wax and may have to lengthen the straps on my luxury face mask. The thing I’m getting at is that everybody is suffering under lockdown and any underlying problems that you have will be at the forefront of your mind as your daily routine (distraction) is not there anymore. Be more ‘Captain Tom’ I reckon. He’s made it to 100 years of age and he’s still nailing life!

What have you done to help overcome this?
I’ve have become ruthless in what is needed and what is not needed. I have written a list Starting with the most pressing matters to the least essential. I’ll update once I get past the number one in the 20 and growing categories in that list. Just making small goals and being proactive is the only way to tackle it. I think the hard thing for lads is talking and accepting help when needed. ‘Swallow your pride’ accept help and move on.

Which friend or family member have you spoken with and how has it helped? (its ok to keep this confidential)
My Mam n’ Dad are Beltin! They deserve a bloody medal. Advice from mates in similar situations has helped too.

What are you most looking forward to when things return back to normal?
I think it’s going to be a while before normality is fully resumed as there is going to be a lot of uncertainty and fear in all aspects of society. I’m hoping that I can start socialising again and also looking forward to seeing my customers again. Routine is probably the short answer.

Can you tell us anything on future plans such as new music or tours/gigs?
There are gigs coming up in August which will be good a start to get back at it and blow the Covid cobwebs off!

Photo Credit: Damien Riley

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