After A Great Set, We Headed Backstage And Spoke With The Band About Their Upcoming Album, Their Influences and More!

The Reytons have their debut album, ‘Kids Off The Estate’ coming out on 24th September 2021. The album will is available to pre-order on multiple formats, including signed vinyl editions, and even bundles including limited edition t shirts, these are available via the bands website! For the interview, Lee and Joe were there via video call, as they had tested positive for COVID-19, and therefore couldn’t attend the festival. We wish both members a speedy recovery, and it was great that the band managed to still perform and conduct the interview whilst they were isolating.

So, the debut album comes out at the end of the month, what has the reception from fans and those around you been like?

Jonny – It’s been great. you know it’s been a long time coming. We’ve been really keen to do the album, and we’ve been fortunate to write it in the gap that we had with lockdown. It’s kinda forced us hands a little bit maybe, but since we put it out there, the response has been amazing. People are getting behind it, people are pre-ordering it, so we’ll see how far we can take it I guess!

Is that how you spent the lockdown then? Just writing the material for the album and picking out the songs?

Jonny -Well, yeah. Playing warzone and writing songs, there was nothing else to it. Drinking, getting fat, playing warzone and writing songs.

Joe – I’m downloading it now ahaha

Jonny- Oh he’s downloading it now ahah. That’s how he’s spending his isolation then.

In terms of picking the songs (for the album), is it harder to pick which ones to leave out, as obviously Red Smoke isn’t on there?

Jonny – Erm, yeah I guess like, the reason probably, and it’s an unpopular opinion for some people I guess, cause we’ve had a lot of people ask why it’s not on there, it was just cause the EP before, May Seriously Harm You, it was the lead track from that. As just a piece of work, as a vinyl or a CD, it just sits nice and it’s like it is its own thing. I just feel it just belongs there, it’s like the door before the album. Even though we are going back with some of the old tracks, I just feel like it belongs there. The EP and the album together for me are just a memory that we’ll always cherish and it’s like one and two I guess.

Whilst writing the songs, who were you listening to at the time?

Jonny – Well not each other! The thing is, we never really intended to sound like we do. I guess one of the biggest things for us is just writing something that’s honest and that’s really transparent. Social commentary I guess is where I music lies the most, and we’ve all been inspired by different sounds and different bands here and there, but when it comes to writing the songs, it’s more about what we are feeling at the time, or what’s something that’s really important to us with us past, like ‘Kids Off The Estate’ that means a lot to us, and various other songs like ‘Shoebox’ which is on the EP and the album. It’s just something that’s really raw and honest, and I guess like I’ve said in the past, we’re not just gonna write a song cause we think that’s what the radio want or cause that’s what’s on trend. For us it’s about, is it real, is it us, and if it is, we have a go, and if it sounds good, it makes the cut.

Obviously, you’re compared to Arctic Monkeys a bit because of Sheffield and the vibe your music gives off, but are they actually an influence on yourselves, or is there a band that are more of an influence to yourselves?

Jonny – Of course, Arctic Monkeys are one of the biggest bands in the world, and they’re on our doorstep, that’s where they come from. I feel like the Sheffield, and South Yorkshire music scene is so much bigger when you look back to the era when they began. You’ve got, Little Man Tate, Milburn, Reverend and The Makers. Right now you’ve got bands that are doing well like The Sherlocks, we’ll listen to anything that’s kinda got that hometown feel to it. Bring Me The Horizon are another band from our neck of the woods, and I feel like there’s so many different sounds within our album, and within our tracks that it’s hard to pinpoint an influence. It’s more about being insured by other peoples success and then making success out of just who we are.

What are the plans for after the album and tour, is it back into the studio for album two or a bit of downtime?

Jonny – You know what, it’s just been an absolute whirlwind. I don’t think we’ve ever sat down and made a five year plan or anything, we just sat down and wrote a couple of tracks, shot a music video, people liked it, blinked and now we’re doing Neighbourhood Weekender on the main stage! Obviously, we wanna ride this wave for as long as we can and we get enjoyment from writing songs, and performing songs, and meeting people and it’s a dream. If it all ends tomorrow then what a career! It’s just been an amazing ride. Obviously, we want to do another album and do another after that, and tour and tour and tour, and try and just break more boundaries and see how far we can really take this.

What boundaries would you want to break? Arctic Monkeys went down the route of Tranquility Base, some people say it’s their best album, some say it’s their worst, but would you go down the completely different route like they did?

Jonny – I dunno really. We’ve kinda developed our sound a little bit. We’ve gone from self producing, you know Jamie did a lot of the early stuff all on his own, just recorded it in a makeshift set up, no budget, cause he’s got all the ideas but just not the gear. It was just trying to make the most of what we had, and as we’ve developed and grown, obviously we’ve been able to self invest to start and then get bigger and bigger, and now you can hear the production quality has levelled up. For me personally, I don’t really see us taking it in a different direction, I just really enjoy doing what we are doing. I think, looking at Arctic Monkeys with that album, I think that’s what they were feeling, I don’t generally think that they just thought let’s just do something different and piss some people off, I think they just thought, that’s what the lifestyle has done and that’s where they were at. I think there’s a lot of respect to be had from that if you think it’s a bit of a gamble to change style, but as long as someones being honest with what they’re writing then that’s everything.

So, going back to the whirlwind of releasing a few tracks to playing Neighbourhood, what’s been your favourite festival performance?

Jonny – Can you hear Lee? Do you want to answer that?

Lee – Erm, not Tramlines. I was a nervous wreck after 18 months off. Going back and playing to a crowd like Tramlines, I were absolutely bricking it. Today, today’s festival has been my favourite ahaha!

Jonny – Yeah I think Tramlines 2019 were good weren’t it? Playing in the Leadmill tent, I know Joe loved that one, didn’t you mate?

Joe – Yeah I think that was one of those where I had never seen that many people in one small space. I think that was the first time where all the people were signing back. We were doing something right at that point.

Jonny – When we first started, Lee had an ambition to play Tickhill TFest in Doncaster, which is a small local festival, and it’s a great festival but not on the scale of this (Neighbourhood Weekender). He was like ‘I just dream one day we can play on that stage’ and then we played it within a couple of months didn’t we, and he goes ‘That’s it, I’ve peaked, done!’

Jamie – Yeah their main stage is like the smaller stage (Viola Beach Stage) here, and Lee were like if I can one day play that then, fuck it, I’m done. And straightaway we played it ahah!

Just a couple of quick fire questions to end the interview.

Morrissey or Jarvis Cocker? Jarvis. Everyday. (Jamie piped in jokingly with, It’s not a hard question though is it really?)

Liam or Noel? Liam was the answer before I even finished the question

Liam or Julian Casablancas? Oooh, Liam.

Thanks to The Reytons for taking the time to let us interview them after their incredibly warm set at Neighbourhood Weekender 2021! You can catch them on tour in the UK this Autumn!