Quickly re-writing the history books are Dirty Thrills, an exciting and charismatic rock ‘n’ roll quartet, straight out of the London grind.
With the perfect musical blend of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll in their music, this group is most definitely one to watch out for. Fronted by the son of ex-Moody Blues singer Nicky James, this unique outfit are bringing back old skool rock ‘n’ roll, whilst all the while applying their oh-so-appealing filthy edge.
With lung-busting, powerful vocals from Louis James, killer guitar riffs from Jack Fawdry and solid, sexy low-end grooves from the rhythm section of Aaron Plows and Stevo Corrigan, they are churning out crowd belters whilst all the while endeavoring to make guitar music sexy again.

The band formed in late 2012, after a successful drunken jam night in a quiet village pub in Wiltshire. What started as an inconspicuous session quickly birthed an ambitious group with the drive and determination to take rock ‘n’ roll back to its glory days.

2013 saw the rise of Dirty Thrills as they are today, with the massive buzz from their debut EP, entitled ‘Growing Young’, already showcasing to the world what these youthful, but vastly experienced, musicians could offer if given the chance.
A host of magazines poured over the band’s maiden venture, with the likes of ‘Uber Rock’ and ‘Soundscape’ positively endorsing them through glowing reviews.
“The record is loaded up on bluesy swagger and eternal rock n’ roll stardust, from the scuzzy blues vigor of ‘Shivers’ to the enticing ‘Growing Young’, which melds Zeppelin-esque riffage with a towering vocal performance by Louis James,” wrote ‘Uber Rock’, whilst ‘Soundscape’ delivered a similarly favorable detail.
“It’s probably a safe bet that DT will get picked up before the year is out…such quality simply speaks for itself. In the mean time, grab a glass, pour some whiskey, sit back and enjoy. Let’s all grow young together.”

Their influences flow like a stream of innumerable genres to produce a pool of sound similar to Queens of the Stone Age, Black Keys and Rival Sons, also taking care to include lashings of clever guitar riffs and vibrant Robert Plant-esque vocal lines.
The quartet have recently released their self-titled debut album, which has surpassed the expectations of fans across the UK, Europe and the US alike, exploding the band’s online presence and generating a tremendous amount of hype which will inevitably propel Dirty Thrills in the direction they’re steadily making inroads towards.
Having already plied their trade in such venues as London’s 100 Club, the main stage at O2 Academy Liverpool and Shepherd’s Bush Empire, as well as having been given airtime on BBC Radio 2, the sky really is the limit for this earnest group looking to leave their mark on a genre crying out for their talents.

For those who say rock ‘n’ roll is gone and buried, Dirty Thrills are the miracle proving there’s life after death. For those who fear that the genre has been consigned to a place relevant only in history books and old scriptures, Dirty Thrills are the prophets of modernization, mixing old school style with electric flair.

Describe their rise to prominence however you like, but they’re here to stay and 2015 will bear witness to the elevation of the band now at the spearhead of the new era of rock ‘n’ roll.