Have you got Crewel Intentions?

Anyone who knows their indie music will certainly remember the Palma Violets.

Those who remember that particular band will remember their bass player, Chilli Jesson. Now, after a spell in the musical wilderness, he is back with his new project. The name? Crewel Intentions.

Two years since the demise of his previous band, Jesson had kept his head down. He was even pulling pints in a pub, but even so, he was recognised by the music public. Meaning he was still in the thoughts of those who had bought the albums and gone to the shows he was involved in. You can never keep a good man out of his natural profession though.

Collaborating with Marley Mackey (son of Pulp bassist, Steve Mackey), the foundations for Crewel Intentions began to take construction. It was afterwards he got his band together, consisting of Jordan Cook, Leo Kurunis and Rupert Greaves Рas well as Jesson and Mackey Рand the whole band process really got motoring. It resulted with their debut single, Youth In Overload (the video of which will be at the end of this segment).

Such has been the buzz about this group, they have just come off supporting the legendary Johnny Marr on his UK tour, and they have been made more than welcome on every date. I saw them at the Camden Roundhouse, and was suitably impressed. The smartness of the band, their songs and their stage presence, gave an early Suede look about them. And they did alright over the years.

The music world is a poorer place without the Palma Violets. But at least, we are safe in the knowledge that Chilli Jesson has been planning to make it richer again. And we at Flick Of The Finger will keep you up to date of their progress over the coming months. There will be plenty to talk about when it comes to Crewel Intentions, we promise you.