Allow us to introduce to you…..Kàryyn

She is a Syrian-Armenian-American vocalist, artist and composer.

She is also a new signing to the Mute label too. She is Kàryyn, and Flick Of The Finger wants you to get to know her better. And indeed, her brand new release, Quanta 11:11.

This is a double A-side release too. The first song is, Today I Read Your Life Story 11:11. A song that was derived from visiting family in Aleppo, and a very personal visit it was as well. That visit spurred Kàryyn to leave Los Angeles for upstate New York. It was there that this song was made, and began the Quanta series of her music.

The second song of the double A-side is, Segment & The Line. A song about impermanence and what happens when fall accountable for their actions. All the releases from the Quanta series will all come together on the release for her debut album, which will come out next year. Watch out for Kàryyn and her attention to detail to making her great music, and of course look out for her right here at Flick Of The Finger.

Quanta 11:11 is available now to buy and stream

The debut album from Kàryyn is touted for a new year release