Open up the Cellar Doors.

San Francisco have had a few bands grab our attention over the years. Metallica being one of them, Dead Kennedys, Sly & The Family Stone and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to name but a few.

Now there’s a new band on the block. Cellar Doors.

They’ve been on the scene for a couple of years, playing support for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Roky Erickson amongst others. You may have even seen them at the Shiiine On Weekender and the Liverpool Festival Of Psychedelia. You may also know the name of the man who is the driving force behind them too, Stephen Holt of the Inspiral Carpets.

Believe me when I tell you as well, that these guys will go far. The track that you will hear at the end of this introduction is called, Frost. It’s a cross between Joy Division and Jesus And Mary Chain. It’s the right tempo to catch on quickly with those looking for a very good band right from the off. And Cellar Doors tick every box.

Their new album is out very soon, and you can expect a review of that right here at Flick Of The Finger. Until then, enjoy the video. Enjoy Cellar Doors. You’ll be very glad you did.