Creeper’s new track All My Friends is one of the bands most honest, revealing songs written, and a track never intended to be a single.

However, at a time when many people are struggling with mental health issues and are separated from friends, family and touchstones, the sentiment is a timely reminder that we’re not alone.

Once again the darkly melodic Creeper deliver a track so dense with emotion it takes the most broken, beaten of hearts and drags it over shattered glass and gravel.

Along with the new song, there is a stunningly hypnotic video. Shot with the help of Static Dress’s Olli Appleyard, whilst in lockdown. The track along with the visuals once again provides concrete evidence that Creeper are a stunningly creative and significant collective. Their theatrical output providing a multilayered experience that is an intensely appealing escape from the everyday.

The intimate and emotionally-charged piano ballad was written by frontman Will Gould and emerged at a tumultuous time for the band. While Gould was recording in Los Angeles, his best friend and Creeper guitarist Ian Miles had been sectioned and remained in hospital in England. As he began to lose hope for his friend’s recovery, it all spilled out into the song, which peaks with Gould’s painfully desperate admission: “I’m so sorry if I failed you You know I love you so.” Gould was reluctant to share it with the band, but their reaction was such that it had to feature on the album.

“All My Friends was born from the void during our darkest of times,” explains Gould. “The song was written late one night in Hollywood. I was left alone in the studio and found myself at the piano. it was such an honest expression that it almost felt too personal to release. Originally this song was not intended to have its own release, though in these unprecedented times and during Mental Health Awareness Week, it was our wish that it reach you now.”

All My Friends is the only directly autobiographical song that features on their forthcoming sophomore album Sex, Death & The Infinite Void. As with their debut, the second album is again a concept album. This one loosely mirroring Gould’s life. Boy moves to a new city, goes off the rails, meets a new girl, falls in love and the world as they know ends. This apocalyptic romance is a cinematic adventure through Gould’s mind: an extraordinary album experience is truly expected.

Sex, Death & The Infinite Void. is available to pre-order here. The band are currently scheduled to embark upon a UK headline tour in August details and ticket links can be found on the bands official website.

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