An Honest, True To Form Punk Track

A successful first track has lead Sinclair to releasing single number 2.

Sinclair first formed in early 2020, managing to get a few gigs under their belt before a certain ‘C’ word hit the country and shut everything down. The band have played various gigs around the Northern Quarter, and most recently had a spot performing at Manchester Club Academy, so already the band are beginning to make a strong name for themselves. So big kudos to them for managing to form a band, and do well, in such a challenging year for the industry.

The band have also spent some time in the studio this year, getting three songs under their belt, one of which was their debut single ‘Burn Em Down’, and have now put the success of that under their belts, and powered on to release, ‘SIM Card Citizen’, a song which the band describe as “a fast-paced, high octane uppercut”, and I must say, I couldn’t put I t better myself.

The band list their influences as anything from; The Doors and Joy Division, through to The Clash and Cage The Elephant. and this track makes their influences perfectly clear, but it is by no means a rip off of anyone. It’s all their own, and you can feel that come through in the track. The band have a pretty solid sound already, which usually takes some time, and the energy and chemistry within the band certainly comes through as they power through this traditionally short masterpiece.

A quick glance over the lyrics shows that the band aren’t just making music for something to do, and they are trying to create a platform to speak up against what they feel are some of the wrongs in the world. This is part of how the punk scene began in the first place, and now it’s as if there is a slight punk revival coming through as more and more bands opt for this raucous sound and lyrics which are a bit of a middle finger to some of the world’s/countries issues. It really kicked off with IDLES, and now more and more new bands are taking the paths laid out by bands like IDLES and Cabbage to make their own success in the music scene.

It takes a lot to make a band work, and to find the right formula to gel together, and I can only imagine the pressures are added to by national lockdowns and restrictions, but the fact that this band are hanging in there, managing to find a way through gives hope, not only to the band, but to the entire music industry. It’s incredible determination and willing put in by Sinclair, and judging by this new track. It’s going to pay off.

You can pre-save the track now, ready for the official release on 27th November 2020.