Following the recent release of their returning single, IDGAF, As It Is have followed up with a second new single, I Lie To Me.

The tracks show that As It Is continue to work on music for their upcoming fourth studio album.

“I Lie to Me is about the days where you wake up and try, only to end up exactly where you started,” the band explains. “Where the only distance walked is the step or two taken beyond the threshold of your limits. Because it hurts to fail, but it hurts so much more when you try. I Lie To Me is that unrestrained resentment that inspired this record, and it’s ironic how that defeated apathy led to one of my personal favourites on this upcoming album of ours. If these words resonate with you, then fuck, sorry you’ve ever felt as shit as I did when we wrote this one. If you lie to you to get through, that’s okay, we do too.”

With 2018’s The Great Depression, the band delved into brave new territory conceptually and also took a sonic leap forward. The band also reimagined the entire album and released the songs as a series of four EPs in 2019.

“We started writing the next chapter of As It Is in 2019,” As It Is shares. “We had written a lot of cool songs but none of them were telling our story or communicating how we were actually feeling. When IDGAF happened, it was the first thing that encapsulated the heartbreak, defeat, and disappointment we were feeling with ourselves and the world around us. When the pandemic happened and the world shut down, that’s when we really spiralled. We’re unwell and we have been. IDGAF is all in the title. It’s for all of us and it’s yours now.”

The band plays the Slam Dunk Festivals in September, Saturday 04 at Leeds Temple Newsam Park and on Sunday 05 at Hatfield Park. You can stay in touch with all things As It Is via their official website, Facebook page and Twitter from where they tweet as @ASITISofficial.