Hates Talking | Peacock Method | The Brambles

Gullivers HQ, Manchester | 21.10.2021

Warm and already noisy, Gulliver’s HQ is filling with groups of excited people arriving for pre-show drinks. By the time The Brambles, aka Lil n’ and Owen Kimpton, ascend the stage the amassing crowd is keen to immerse themselves into their synth-based retro performance. In return, The Brambles don’t hold back. They deliver almost hypnotising versions of California and Trevorposting that have the crowd dancing along as they bounce around the stage and into the audience.

Amalgamating enthusiastic indie disco with some down and dirty rock Peacock Method brings a flavour-filled and buoyant set to the Gulliver’s stage. Serving up a consistent ‘gotta move’ vibe that travels throughout the audience all of whom are unable to resist. Particularly throughout the band’s first single, I Don’t Mind that throws in a funky transatlantic feel to Peacock Method’s musical cocktail.

Selling out your debut show is a new band’s dream, realised by Hates Talking tonight. But do they live up to the belief invested in them? This is Manchester after all. While there is many a venue hosting real talent. So often you are stood in front of mundane Madchester via Oasis clones churning out of date lyrics with an old school swagger that’s been archaic for nearly two decades. Hates Taking avoid all these old tropes delivering a fresh take on exhilarating indie pop-rock that elicits scenes of boundless excitable youth.

Opening their set with Vampires, Too Shy and Let You Down, Hates Talking are not allowing the well warmed up crowd a chance to catch its breath, as they showed off the effervescence that runs through all their tracks. Lead singer Sam Carson brings a sparky pop sensibility, while drummer Chris Storer add a solid and dramatic rhythm. The perfect foundation for bassist Lewis Belle and guitarist Alix Marriott to continue adding to the musical layers.

Hates Talking create a set is full of melodic nuances and dark textures that burrow their way into your consciousness along with a satisfying and skilful build-up to the night’s conclusion. In this case, the band’s debut track Keep Me Going (All Night). A tune so catchy that you can’t help but want to hear it again as soon as it finishes. A thirst-quenching ode to the urgently of the moment and youthful angsts. As the crowd whips up a mosh pit you can immediately see the invigorating nature of the song in effect.

The band leave the stage with chants and screams for more and applause of genuine appreciation, ringing in their ears. It will be fascinating and no doubt thrilling to see what else Hates Talking have in store for us after their exhilarating and confident debut show.

You can stay in the know about all things Hates Talking via their Facebook page and Twitter from where they Tweet as @Hates_Talking.