Powerful. Experimental. Their Best Work Yet?

IDLES have now released their fourth album, and it’s clear to see where this band are heading.

Since the release of ‘Brutalism’ in 2017, and the subsequent releases of ‘Joy As An Act Of Resistance’ (2018) and ‘Ultra Mono’ (2020), as well as countless EP’s and even a live album, the Bristolian four piece have been sending shockwaves through the industry, being the name on the lips of just about everyone at some point since the release of their debut LP. Now though, IDLES have returned with a fourth album, which sees them develop their sound, experiment with some different ideas, and create their best work yet.

Fans didn’t have too long to wait for the release of this album, with it only being announced just a month or so ago, and since then fans were treated to two incredible singles, ‘Car Crash’ and ‘The Beachland Ballroom’. The taster which those two singles delivered was the perfect summary of what was to come from the album. They’ve thrown in some fresh influence from the world of soul and developed their ability to not only create raw and powerful punk-esque tracks, but also those moving, usually piano driven softer tracks which pull you in and blow you away with all the force which this band have.

From the opening track ‘MTT 420 RR’ to the closing notes of ‘The End’, this album has very little to nitpick about. It’s everything that you would want to keep their incredible fanbase happy, whilst also allowing the guys to dip a toe into a previously undiscovered world of sounds and therefore expand their immense fan base. From driving, marching drums, to gritty guitar patterns, and the signature rasp of Joe Talbot’s astonishing vocal range, there’s nothing left behind with this album. It’s perhaps their most consistent album, in that the foot is firmly planted on the accelerator throughout, even for their more soulful tracks such as ‘The Beachland Ballroom’, which is perhaps something which has been across their other three albums, which tend to dip and dive between soft and heavy. By no means is it a bad thing that they keep their foot planted on the gas for this album, and by no means is it a bad thing that there has been their way in the past, all it shows is the direction that I feel this band are heading. Somehow aiming to deliver more energy than what they already have a reputation for delivering.

Having just wrapped up an extensive and successful tour over in America, IDLES are now looking to the future, with a full UK/EU tour kicking off in January, and a show at eartH in London in just a matter of days. One thing is for certain, this band are going nowhere anytime soon, and watching their career grow and bloom into what it deserves to be is going to be one hell of a ride. Their live shows are going to be bigger and better than ever, with two albums being toured on this tour, as the dates are rescheduled from when the band released Ultra Mono last year.

If you haven’t grabbed the album yet, then make sure you head over to their website where you can stock up on merchandise, music, keep an eye on tour dates, and find links to their socials so you don’t miss anything IDLES related.