The Album Is Currently At No.3 In The Charts

The album features popular singles Torpedo, Magpie and The Healing

‘Torpedo’ is the latest offering from British Rock icons Feeder, who have seen incredible success ever since their beginnings nearly 30 years ago. It’s their 11th studio album, following on from their 2019 release ‘Tallulah’. The album was produced by Grant Nicholas and Tim Roe, and released via Big Teeth Music.

The album is opened by ‘The Healing’, one of the four singles which were released ahead of the album as singles. It’s soft opening tones settle you in, before a punchy and raw riff rips through and changes the dynamic of the track into something you’d more associate with the band. Title track ‘Torpedo’ follows, keeping the momentum which was created in ‘The Healing’. It’s tracks like this which are what have made this band be able to continue releasing successful albums for nearly three decades.

‘When It All Breaks Down’ carries similar vibes to the opening track, switching between melancholy, jangly guitar before a fuzzy, almost metal-esque riff delivers the sucker punch you just knew was going to be waiting for you somewhere within the track. Layers of effect ridden guitars and keys flow over one another throughout the track, delivering something rather hypnotic. The hypnosis continues as the album arrives at ‘Magpie’.

This track was what really got the senses tingling when it was released as a single in 2021, and the anticipation for the album has just grown from this moment. It’s everything you would want from a Feeder track and then some. The song drives along like a well oiled machine, not showing many signs of slowing down throughout. You just know that this track is going to be something special when they perform it live at their upcoming shows.

The album ebbs and flows between hyper energetic, punchy riffs, to melodic and softer tracks. No two songs are all that similar, and the incredible production means that you are kept on your toes for the duration of the album. You never know if you’re going to be knocked back in your seat by some punchy drum rhythms, or relaxed by a jangly synth riff, and when this is paired with the astonishing vocal capabilities of Grant Nicholas, there’s not much which left to be desired.