Cast Are Currently On Tour To Mark 25 Years of ‘All Change Here’

Throughout the tour, the band are playing the album in full, with some greatest hits thrown in for good measure

The tour kicked off in Oxford earlier this month, and for the tour they have a selection of support acts, with the likes of The Gulps, Cat SFX, and Silent-K all being given a few dates each, but for Manchester, the support slot was given to The Shambolics, and their name clearly isn’t related to their music. They came on around 8.15, and the set was over in what appeared to be a blink of an eye, lasting for just 20-25 mins, but in the short time, they cramped in their tracks and got the crowd bouncing away. For the majority of the crowd, this was probably the first gig of the year for them, and The Shambolics certainly didn’t disappoint.

A quick turn around on stage and on came Cast, the moment which some fans have been waiting for for nearly two years due to the pandemic. Looking at the setlist as the band took their places showed that we were in for a treat. It was pretty clear which tracks were going to be performed, given that it was an anniversary celebration of an album, but the added greatest hits were the icing on the cake of the extensive set list. The night opened with ‘Promise Land’, ‘Mankind’ and ‘Reflection’. Three songs which were perfectly placed to ready the crowd for the onslaught of anthems which were coming their way over the next hour or so.

The odd early quip about their hometown (Liverpool) was met with swift comebacks praising Manchester, and it lent something extra to the night, building the atmosphere all the way through to a crescendo which came in the form of ‘Alright’, the track for which this band are probably most well known. It didn’t make an early appearance however. It was kept right to the last track of their main set, leaving the crowd begging for more, and more was delivered in the form of a lengthy encore.

Cast have always had a reputation for being a great band to watch live, with them being coined ‘The Who of the 90’s’ by some, and you can see why. Their music is packed with singalong choruses, and the energy from the band’s on stage persona spills into the crowd by the bucket load. In a venue like The Ritz, you couldn’t really ask to see a better band take to that incredibly famous stage. It’s one of Manchester’s more intimate of the bigger venues, but it is by no means small.