Palaye Royale + Charming Liars + Carl Barât

Albert Hall, Manchester,09  March 2022

It has been quite the rollercoaster ride for Palaye Royale since their first sold-out first UK headline tour in 2018. With restrictions, cancellations and reschedules has the trio come through it all stronger and feistier than ever? Flick Of The Finger was able to catch them and their supports Charming Liars and Carl Barât at Manchester’s stunning Albert Hall.

Charming Liars open the evening’s performances with an abundance of energy setting out to win overall. Their sound is a lush melodic soundscape that resonates throughout the hall. Kiliyan Maguire fully embodies the emotions he’s belting out. Fans in the audience are singing along with grins on their faces while those new to Charming Liars are enthralled and intrigued.

The appearance of Carl Barât as a Palaye support on paper sounded somewhat incongruous. However, the proof was in the experience, and it was certainly embraced by those in attendance wholeheartedly. The skilful and friendly dynamic between Barât and the rest of the band is palpable, and the set shows off Barât innovative creativity perfectly. Excitement seems to reach peaks during Glory Days and Bang Bang You’re Dead when the stained-glass windows certainly rattled along.

Palaye Royale as always hit the stage to quite the frenzy Remington Leith’s opening lines of Nightmares are drowned out by the combination of screams and hundreds of already near hoarse voices repeat the lyrics back at the band. That energy and an abundance of Palaye swagger is on full view as they pound out, You’ll Be Fine and Hang On To Yourself.

There is always an intensity in the air and mixed with exhilaration makes the air in the Albert Hall giddy and the accelerated pace of the set has the audience swirling on mass. Sabastian Danzig slides his guitar up his chest as he curves his spine back his dexterous limbo has the audience surge towards him and they’re rewarded by a wide grin as he rights himself.

Palaye Royale avoiding the usual rock n roll lyrical tropes tackle darker themes including depression, anxiety, and drug abuse and the perfectly delivered Dying In A Hot Tub is one of their best examples. Leith provides a wealth of emotion and gravity to the track meaning once again it’s a live highlight that will stay with you for a long time.


The band’s cover of My Chemical Romance’s Teenagers is if nothing else a simple joy to experience and a chance for Remington to join the undulation crowd. While not one but two encores allow him to scale the venue’s balcony running the full horseshoe-shaped gallery and vaulting himself back on stage. As Emerson Barrett abandons his drums to throw strands of flowers and single roses out to the outstretched arms that seem to multiply in seconds the screams and shouts of rapture final reach a peak and the house lights illuminate the end of the night.

As the band close out their rescheduled commitments from The Bastards era they are taking their stylish merger of rock, blues and punk forward and the current tour see that their fans will be there to sing along every step of the way.

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