This week, we sat down with lead singer, and guitarist, Isaac Thornburn, of up coming indie band, Palace Motion.

After just releasing their first EP, Isaac and his band are out and about, promoting the EP.

What was your last [email protected] up on stage? falling off the kick drum during a solo. knocked one of the drum mics over. Had far too many tinnies backstage. still funny though.

You’re changing the band’s name to your favorite fruit + the reason you last took pain killers. Your new band name is… ? BANANA HEADACHES sounds like a fair mint band

What would your Music Super Power be? Being able to change a shit tune on the radio to something good. nothing but a load a shite coming out these days

How can we collectively put an end to online ticket touting? Feel free to show your working out for extra points: It’s hard this because how would you actually go about stopping it.  They shouldn’t be doing it but I don’t think theres that much you can do.

Your idols gonna give you the instrument that their famous for, Who is it? What Instrument? Why? I’d probably want Johnny Cash’s Martin F-9 Archtop acoustic guitar because it’s a cool looking guitar.

Photo By: Billy Seagrave ©