Rikki Turner is the quintessential dark and brooding front man and a musical maverick who’s career spans over 3 decades, having first enjoyed acclaim with “The Paris Angels”.

Since those heady days, he has been working and collaborating with various lineup’s, continually writing and creating.

More recently the writing collaboration on their current release; “Sleeping” with Stephen Evans of Manc post-punk band Cabbage, Rikki has settled with his new band “The Hurt” and is poised to release a swathe of material over the coming months on his own label; “Blindside”. In addition to numerous live dates across the U.K.

Flick of the Finger caught up with him to hear about his career, his support of live music and plans for his independent record label.

Wendy: Rikki Thanks for taking the time to have a chat with us. “The Hurt” have by your own admission, had a couple of line-up changes, do you now feel confident with the band as a creative force?

Rikki: We started as a collaboration, some of the people I was working with didn’t see/understand my vision..because most of them were tied to different bands and it
was becoming painful to try and get a song out there, but working with the new line up as become a pleasure and no longer a drawn out task.

Wendy: Having enjoyed numerous success’ within the music industry over the years, do you now have a different approach to writing than you did say 10 years ago?

Rikki: I’ve been at this game now for 35 years, success comes and goes, and then other opportunities arise with that. I guess my style of writing has changed. As I get older, my view of life (laughs) gets a little darker.

Wendy: Who or what inspires or informs your material?

Rikki: My songs are inspired by everything I hear, see,and breath..being in a bar ..overhearing a conversation between people.I read a lot, and the street poets beats..the Bukowski’s have always touched me and informed my writing.

Wendy: In addition to the material that has been written, you have also launched a record label ( Blind side). Can you tell us why you decided to launch an independent as opposed seek to work with other labels for production etc?

Rikki: Having been on 3 different labels in the past 3 years, has been an eye opener to how the industry works in these times…each of these labels has allowed freedom to get my ideas out there.I guess it was just time to set up with people who also shared the same vision so that’s how Blindside became.

Wendy: What plans do you have for “The Hurt” going forward?

Rikki: The new Hurt lineup are young and eager but at the same time have very wise heads on their shoulders..a powerhouse of ideas and totally pro in their approach ..we will start the summer by warming up for people and are now working on completely new material for a single/Lp and their own Band Marble Skies…so all good at Hurt HQ.

Wendy: You have received some very positive reviews for the latest release, this must have been a validation for you as a songwriter that your material is relevant?

Rikki: The Reviews for “Sleeping” have been well received and welcomed..the song was written by me and Stephen Evans of Cabbage..who’s a good friend and has allowed me the freedom of doing as I saw fit on his label with Berlin and other songs, which give me a real boost as a songwriter.

Wendy: There has been much said in main stream music press that “Live music is dead” do you agree with this rhetoric?

Rikki: I don’t agree “Live Music is dead” at all its just sad that the way the industry works and shit tv shows are trying to kill it off..plus given Music is one of our biggest tourist attractions that this government has done nothing to help closure of venues instead replacing them with star fucks and poundland’s

Wendy: Finally Rikki, What can we expect from “The Hurt” going forward this year?

Rikki: Well as we talked about before…I’m very lucky to be working with Marble skies who are now permanent┬ámembers of The Hurt..but have their own thing going on..we will write together and do supports and we are looking forward to getting out there this Autumn for life gigs…