As the count down to this Friday begins, We’ve been looking at Richards recent set lists and here’s our top pics of what we would like and expect to see…

There is still time to Get Tickets Dont miss out on what is set to be a fantastic show!

It appears Richards set list has been pretty consistent over recent gigs playing the usual hits, Drugs dont Work, Sonnet, Lucky Man, and Bitter Sweet Symphony – just to name a few, however there has also been a mix of solo tracks as well as a few new tunes too.

Expectedly, ‘This Is How It Feels’, has also been making a regular appearance with some solo tracks too like his 2006 tracks ‘Break the Night With Colour’ featuring on his 2006 album ‘Keys To The Word’

‘Hold On’ taken from the 2016 release ‘These People’ has also made a regular appearance. Get the new album “These People” now on CD, Vinyl or as digital download here.

Catch our live review of Richard Ashcroft at Wembley here which got out 5* seal of approval. Our reviewer & photographer Simon Reed writes: ‘It might smack of hyperbole, but this really was one of the best nights of live music I’ve experienced in quite a while. It left me with two overarching conclusions: 1) I need to buy some Richard Ashcroft albums pronto; and: 2) This rating system needs more than 5 

Admittedly, Whilst most of these tracks have been played on his european dates – you’d probably expect the bigger, more well known tracks so for an as good as, home town show – maybe we’ll see more of his solo material – It would be great to hear more from ‘A Northern Soul’

So, with time left to get tickets, what are you waiting for? No matter what his set list will be, you wont be disappointed and you’ll here exactly what you’d expect from an Ashcroft gig! Hope to see you there!

Recent Set lists: 

Richard Ashcroft at Ahmad Tea Music Festival 2017
Richard Ashcroft at Secret Solstice 2017
Richard Ashcroft at Bergenfest 2017
Richard Ashcroft at Northside Festival 2017
Richard Ashcroft at Pinkpop Festival 2017